Tips On Telecomuting From Home

Telecomuting can increase your productivity, and help you find a balance between home and work, if you do it right.

You are ready to take the step out of the corporate office and into the home office, and become a telecommuter. Telecommuting can increase your productivity, and help you find a balance between home and work, if you do it right.

You may be working form home, but you are working. Do you want to answer the door for Fed Ex in your bunny slippers and flannel robe? You do not need to don a power suit, but you should don some clothes. Getting will help you separate work from home by giving your mind time to switch gears. Think of it as the telecommuter's commute.

The next potential problem area is your telephone. You will be amazed at the number of very friendly telemarketers who wish to sell you any number of items during the day. It's a dilemma - you need to answer the phone, but you really don't want to save money on your long distance phone bill just at this time. There is a simple solution to this problem. Have a second number added to your existing phone line. The two numbers will ring differently, and you can answer only the work number during working hours.

One question common to telecommuters is, "How will my boss know I am working if he or she doesn't see me at my desk?" The obvious answer is to keep up with your workload, submitting things on time or ahead of deadline. You should also check in at least once a day, either by phone, e-mail or instant messengers. If you need to be away from your desk, be sure to let people know. Set your instant messenger program to respond that you are away, or set an auto-response on your email to explain that you will be back at your desk at a given time.

Before you take the step out the office door make sure that you understand all your responsibilities and duties, as well as the company's responsibilities. For examples, supplies may seem like a small expense until you use up a brand-new ink cartridge in one week. Before you set up at home make sure you know who pays for your supplies and how your expenses should be submitted.

The Internal Revenue Service allows certain deductions for people running a home office/small office. Ask your accountant or tax person for details. You can also contact the IRS (1800-Tax-Forms) for publications on small office/home office deductions.

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