Tips For Throwing A Makeover Party

A makeover party is a fun, relaxing way to spend time with your friends.

When planning a home makeover party, there are a few key things you need to consider. First, you should decide how many of your friends or relatives you would like to invite. This is so you will know how much of each product to buy. Next, you need to decide what kind of makeover you would like to do:hair, nails, skin, or a full body.

You may want to send out invitations to your guests. It is nice to include the amount of time it will take to do the makeover on the invitation, for many women like to go out the same night. You may also want to ask them to bring a bath robe, slippers, their own manicure or pedicure tools, towels, curling irons, hot rollers, or makeup.Add an R.S.V.P.on the invite, so you will have a good idea of how many guests to expect.

If you have decided to do your hair and make up with your guests as part of your party, you may want to invest in a few round, standing mirrors, for a close up look of the final product. Decide if you want your guests to bring their own makeup brushes or you may want to buy some, and present them in festive gift bags. Don't forget the relaxing candles and music. They will set the mood of the party!

If you are going to have your party in the afternoon or early evening, you may decide to serve snacks and beverages. Wine or sparkling juice is always fun, so you may want to buy some inexpensive, matching wine glasses. For a snack, you might try some veggie wraps or an exotic salad. This will make your guests feel pampered and give the party a spa type feeling.

If you are going to do a full body makeover, here are a few ideas. First, it is always nice to do a hot oil treatment on your hair. There are many different brands to choose from, so use your best judgment. Then you can do a face mask or peel, whichever you would prefer. You may also want to do some waxing on your eye brows or upper lip. Next, you and your girlfriends can give each other manicures or pedicures, so you may want to look at different tools available, and also different nail polishes to apply when you are finished. You may want to try some relaxing body rubs and foot soaks or scrubs. If you do not have a foot bath, large bowls or large plastic bins will work just as well. Remember that you do not have to spend a lot of money to have a relaxing makeover party.

When shopping for one of these parties, it is usually easiest to go to a large department store, compared to a beauty salon or supply store. You will most likely have a larger variety of products and prices to choose from. When going shopping, make sure you have already made a detailed list of things that you need or want. This will make your shopping experience faster and less difficult. Try not to stray to far from your list, so as to stay within your budget limits.

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