Tips On Tipping: How Much Do You Give

How much to tip service people and why.

Why tip?

Giving a tip to someone who serves is a token of gratitude for a job well done.For the person who provides the service, their tip is often a large part of their income.Therefore, it is assumed they will do their best job to get the best tip possible.Unfortunately service tends to fall short quite often and then servers become insulted when the tip does not measure up to their expectations.

At the same time, the customer is a large factor in the service they receive.It the customer is having a bad day, or expects more than the server is able to give, they may feel their service is inadequate. Because of this, they will give a smaller tip than is deserved.In this day and age of chronic bad service and bad attitudes, whether or not tipping is appropriate or even necessary has become a huge debate topic.

Whom do you tip, and who do you not?

You should tip anyone who provides a service for you, within reason.Some people you tip upon the rendering of service, like waiters and beauticians, others people like the mail carrier, you tip at the holiday seasons. Do not tip supermarket employees who take your bags to your car if that is against the store policy.Here is a simple guide that will show you who to tip, and how much.

Restaurant:Standard tip is not is not 15% anymore.In more and more restaurants today, 18 % is the expected gratuity, and the cashiers are taxed based on that number.

Take out:The five-gallon sized tip jar on the take out counter can be quite annoying, but your cashier and probably the cooks who may share in it as well, are making minimum wage.You are not obligated to give anything, but it would not hurt to put our change in the jar. A well-paid cashier is a friendly cashier.

Delivery:Pay your pizza or Chinese take out delivery person at least 10%.However, if your bill is only $10.00, keep in mind that they will make only $5.00 in tip per hour and have to pay for gas.You might want to adopt a policy of paying them a minimum of $2.00 regardless of the bill.Make a habit of paying more, and you will be astonished as to how fast your food shows up at your door.

Dine in:It probably feels very good to leave a penny on the table for bad service.You may very well feel justified, but you should consider the role you play in the situation.If service is horrible, you need to call for the manager and complain.You may find out that the real problem is in the kitchen, and you may end up with a free meal. Whenever you receive a discount on your restaurant meal, you should still tip the waiter based on the full original price of the meal.For good service, you should leave 20% or more, for mediocre service, 15% will do.If you are sure your bad service is the fault of your waiter, then leave 10% and the courtesy of a simple and short note politely giving advice on improvements.

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