What Are Some Tips For Toning Up My Body And Waistline?

What are some tips for toning up my body and waistline? Ironically the best way to do that is strengthening large major muscles of the body. Ironically the best way to do that is strengthening large major...

Ironically the best way to do that is strengthening large major muscles of the body.

And the reason why is because strengthening the large muscle of the body when you are doing an exercise program will help target those areas you are going to burn more calories. Strengthening the muscle mass of the body increases the bodies base and metabolic rate. In other words they are going to burn more calories on a daily basis whether they are exercising or not. That's going to have a much further reaching impact on the waistline than if somebody would do tons and tons of crunches.

They need to train as intensely as men. Here is the reason why, women will not get big and bulky like men they simply can't. They don't have the testosterone that men do and they don't have cross sectional muscle mass that men do to begin with. So when they get stronger, they are not going to get big and bulky. What they see the stronger they is more tone, more definition and more shaping. That's how they are going to gauge if somebody is really paranoid about it. We take measurements to start of with. We measure the arms and the legs and take the body fat measurement. I guarantee you they are going to see the measurements either stay the same or go down. Their body fat levels are going to go down and their clothes size is going to go down 1-2 sizes. It's not more because for every pound of muscle compare it to a pound of fat. Muscle is 20% dense and in other words it takes up less space than a pound of fat. So women would replace their fat with muscle. The measurements will go down and they will see more tone and definition. So, they need to do the same thing as men with their strength training program to see the tone and definition they are looking for. Once again it's a myth that women need to do light weight high repetition to see more tone and then train heavier weights to see more bulk. It's frustrating because women need to train like men to see what they want to see but because of this myth, for 20-30 years at least that I know of, that's ingrained in our psyche nationwide and it scares women from working out and doing any real hard and intense work which is what they need to do.

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