Tips For Wearing An Off-The-Shoulder Dress: Tan, Bra, And Other Ideas

Tips and ideas to look your best in an off-the-shoulder style dress.

Selecting an off-the-shoulder gown for a wedding, prom or other special occasion, allows you opportunities to highlight not only the dress but also elegant jewelry or a beautiful face.Use these tips to create the best look with an off-the-shoulder selection.

Off-the-shoulder dresses work well for any woman's height and body shape, though they do tend to work best for woman gifted with a full chest.The neckline of this style of dress sweeps across the chest and rests just below the shoulders to highlight without emphasizing.Woman with pear shaped bodies will find that off-the-shoulder dresses can, very simply, even out their top and bottom heavy figures while emphasizing the waist.Though woman with fuller arms may shy away from an off-the-shoulder dress, a lightweight wrap or shawl can hide fuller arms while the dress can provide the pizzazz.

This style of dress will highlight the bare arms, chest, back and shoulders.It's a perfect opportunity to show off not only beautiful skin but also coordinating accessories.

Try to keep your arms, shoulders and chest smooth and clean.Use a loofah in the shower for a few weeks prior to the event and be cautious when trying a new scent or product.Even laundry detergents or a new type of perfume can cause breakouts or rashes.Maintain your healthy skin by applying lotion each night for a smooth, silky look.

Add a sun-kissed look to your skin a few days prior to the event with self-tanning lotions.Avoid using the product the night of the event as many lotions can leave a residue that is difficult to wash out of some materials.Don't stop at your shoulders, though, add a little self-tanning to your face and don't forget your legs.

A little weight lifting targeted to the shoulders, arms and chest can't hurt.Though this won't help overnight, if you have the time to prepare for the event, purchase small free weights and lift while watching television each night.Confidence in your arms and muscle tone can only lead to a self-assured you.

Be certain the dress fits well and that support is comfortable and effective.A strapless bra is key to off-the-shoulder dresses and many styles can be found.Select a color that matches the dress, if possible, and wear the bra for a day or two before the event.Cut out tags that may be irritants and determine if the support is enough.Purchase a different style or size if necessary; pulling at your dress all evening does not make a good impression.

To emphasize the off-the-shoulder look, add a few accessories.Body glitter or self-stick rhinestones will draw attention to wherever they are placed.Wash-off tattoos can also draw attention if tactful and worn to the right event.If a permanent tattoo is showing, think of highlighting the design with glitter or, if you want to hide it, try a large flower brooch.

Off-the-shoulder dresses can be elegant if paired with an up hair do.Add sparkling hair accessories and no jewelry or a simple string of pearls for an over-the-top elegance.For a more casual look, highlight the dress with shoulder touching earrings or a unique necklace.

With a little effort and planning you'll be certain to get the most wow-factor out of an off-the-shoulder dress.

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