Tips For Weight Loss And Caffeine

Tips for weight loss and caffeine. Tips and techniques for combining weight loss and caffeine. Just understand from the day you were born our bodies are constantly breaking down. We are actually aging. ...

Just understand from the day you were born our bodies are constantly breaking down. We are actually aging. There are four hormones specifically responsible for keeping us young looking. Those hormones are released the most at night during deep sleep cycle. We have about 7 or 8 deep sleep cycles considering all the REM sleep.

When you sleep is when body is really having a chance to go through repair and remodeling. Unfortunately in the body, adenosine is created in the brain which normally binds to adenosine receptors. It's the binding of these adenosine receptors that cause you to kind of get drowsy and fall asleep. It slowly downgrades your nervous system, your brain and it helps your blood vessels to dilate to let more oxygen in when you sleep. The problem is when you drink caffeine or take in any type of caffeine to the nerve cell, the caffeine looks exactly like an adenosine cell. What happens instead of the adenosine binding to the adenosine receptors in your brain, the caffeine binds to these adenosine receptors and it does the exact opposite. Instead of creating sleep, it dilates your pupil's and causes your breathing tubes to open up. It makes your heart beat faster. It does a lot of things. Blood flow to your stomach slows down, the liver will release the sugar into the blood for extra energy, and muscles tighten up and get ready for action. So now when you think you are asleep, what happens is that your body can't go through those deep cycles of sleep. The half life of caffeine is six hours. An average cup of coffee has about a 125 mg of caffeine. Say you have taken 600 mg of coffee a day.

If you take that in at 7:00 a.m. in the morning, the half life is six hours. At 1:00 clock in the afternoon you still have 300 mg in your system. At 7:00 o'clock at night you still have 150 mg. At 1:00 o'clock that morning you still have 75 mg and at 7:00 a.m. the next morning, you have 38 mg of caffeine in your body. That's why your body always relies on caffeine. Perhaps that's why America is sleep deprived. We are not getting any quality sleep REM's, where our body repairs, remodels and releases those hormones like growth hormone and testosterone that allow us to stay young looking. The problem is when you stop taking caffeine. If caffeine helps to do certain things and dilates blood vessels, when you stop taking caffeine it's going to constrict those blood vessels and you are going to start getting headaches. That's why a lot of people get headaches because their bodies are used to the caffeine, dilating, doing what it did and artificial energy. When it stops, that's why most people even if they try the cycle that's what happens. You fall asleep or when you wake up you don't feel refreshed because your body was not able to go through the deep sleep necessary for repair and remodeling. That's the first thing I will check with the client and individual I work with. That's one of the problems to keep in mind as you age. As we all age, the hormones that keep us looking young and growth hormones all start diminishing. In all of our body systems, there are 11 main systems that are all interrelated. Our body entire system works within itself to maintain so anytime you do anything to adversely affect that balance like eating too little, taking in a substance that's going to adversely affect your body is going to have an impact.

Taking a large amount of caffeine, which a lot of people do and they will continue to do, is usually one of the first things that I recommend to cut out. I know it's very difficult for a lot of people because as with anything else it's already an addiction.

The non-calorie the coke is mainly produced with high fructose corn syrup. We go back to high fructose corn syrup and how you add empty calories to your body, meaning that there is no nutrients value to what's you are taking in. They are taking in calories that have no associated nutrient value to it. You are eating calories that have no nutrients, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, or vitamins and nothing in it that's beneficial to your body. So it's really unsubstantial calories that you are taking in. It's not going to really be beneficial to you but if you can find a way just from what you eat today. If you cut 500 calories from your diet, that equals a pound of body fat. You can ideally drop one pound of body fat per week.

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