Tips For Women In Business: How To Manage Effectively

How you can be a good boss in management when you are a woman and how to have postive thoughts about your position.

As you sit around the board table, you just realized you are the only woman in this management meeting. Are you getting respect from your fellow co-workers or are you just another pretty face? Do you feel comfortable with yourself in this position and feel you are as qualified as they are? These are some of the questions that might run through your mind if you're a woman in management. Being in management where you have males and females working for you, can sometimes be difficult when you're the boss, and a woman. How do you maintain your position and not be looked at as just a woman, but a manager.

The first thing you have to do is know that your gender has nothing to do with your job position. You're in that management position because you're qualified for the job and you're good at what you do. If your thoughts about yourself is you're not qualified to do this, this is how other people will think of you also. If you feel that because you're a woman and you can't do as well as a man, your staff will feel the same way and you will not have their respect in that position as a man would because that is what you feel. How you carry yourself and what you think about yourself is how you will be treated as a manager. Let your staff know your gender has nothing to do with how you manage your area. You are qualified to manage that area because you are knowledgable of your products and procedures. You will be a fair and equal manager to both sexes and request to be treated from both sexes in the same way. Keeping a positive attitude and knowing about your position will allow you to manage any area with every type of gender. The most important thing for you to remember is you are there to work with your staff and oversee the work load. That is what will make you a good boss and manager, not if you're a man or woman.

It doesn't matter if you are the only woman holding down that position: you are the only person that is qualified to do it. You have to think of yourself as a person, not a man or woman when you're a manager. Once you feel that way, that is how your staff and your fellow co-workers will feel and treat you. You're in that position to oversee whatever area that you're qualified to run. It should not matter whether you are man or woman, or how many women or men work for you. The main thing is you are good at your job and want your staff, along with yourself to be as productive as possible to get the job done. That is the main key, to get the job done and do it well. You set your own role as a woman in management on how you will be treated and respected in that position.

There are some decisions that you will have to make as a boss,in other circumstances you wouldn't make if you wasn't in that position. That's when you have to set aside those feelings and do what's best for the situation. You're a decision maker when you're in management and you have to make those decisions sometimes no matter what you feel personally. Learning how to set those emotions aside will make you stronger in your position as a manager. Being a woman in management is no different from being a man in management, we all are there to do the job.

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