Tips For Women: Practical Nylons, Stockings And Pantyhose

Whether you want sheer stockings or durable pantyhose, these tips can help you find the perfect fit for any occasion.

Every woman can understand the importance of finding pantyhose or stockings that are the perfect fit.There are so many stockings, nylons, and pantyhose out there that it is hard to find a pair that are practical for more than one occasion.To help you pick those ever elusive perfect hose, here are a few tips on which type is best for you.

Although the terms pantyhose/nylons and stockings are often used interchangeably, they are quite different from one another.Pantyhose are often referred to as nylons, because of the synthetic material they are made from and are just what they sound like; hose with a panty attached.Stockings on the other hand are made in silk, nylon, Spandex, and Lycra, and are typically held up with a garter-belt or girdle.Other alternatives in leg wear are tights and trouser socks.

The built-in panty in pantyhose has a range of functions and comes in styles from briefs to French cut.Sheer to waist pantyhose, which have no visible panty work best for dresses or pants that are lighter colored, while other styles are good for both dresses and pants. Pantyhose can do double duty when bought in a control top, which are great for helping to minimize that tummy.Pantyhose also come with sheer toes, so they can be worn with sandals or open-toed shoes.While pantyhose are fantastic for getting a perfect fit in those too-tight pants, some women prefer stockings.

Stockings are still a classic pick.They were first meant to be worn with a garter belt but today are available in styles that do not require a belt of any kind.These stockings use bands of elastic at the top of the thigh that keep the stockings from rolling down your legs.Stockings come in many styles that include seamless, sandal toe, toe-seamed, or the forever popular, seam down the back of the leg.Stockings are also available in many colors and sizes and can be sheer, opaque, silky, shimmer or ultra sheer.For a sexy alternative to a pair of pantyhose stockings are a good choice.

Tights are different from pantyhose and stockings because they are made from thicker, less opaque material that is usually a blend of cotton or wool, and Spandex or Lycra.Tights always look great paired with a knee-length skirt in winter, and come in every color and print imaginable.Trouser socks are a fantastic choice if you don't like the feel of pantyhose with your pants.They are usually knee high and are a cross between pantyhose and tights in thickness, or weight.Elastic tops keep these "socks" from falling down.

Pantyhose and stockings are no longer one size fits all, but are made for every shape and come in a variety of sizes, with specialty plus sized options.Size varies from one brand to another, so when buying a brand you are not familiar with it is a good idea to refer to the grid on the back of the package.

Leg wear has steadily improved over the years offering a more durable product with many options.Texture has been added to some of your favorite pantyhose and stockings in the form of raised dots or other patterns and novelty hose, such as fishnet and glitter hose can be found in specialty shops and online if they are not available where you normally shop.

Whether you prefer the old-fashioned silk stocking, or a more durable nylon to wear with your pants, you can find a variety of items for any fit and occasion.

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