Tips For Women Who Wear Plus Size Clothing

Dressing the plus size woman in clothing to portray a smaller figure and give a more flattering look to their wardrobe is very possible if you know the body shape and work with it.

In the new millenium it is a fact that in the United States of America over half of the female population is a size 14 plus. There is not a problem now that there are beautiful clothes for larger sizes, there is no reason not to look and feel confident with what the clothing industry has to offer. As long as you can get some help choosing what looks and feels best on you there is no reason not to have all the confidence in the world.

First you must determine your body shape. Are you a rectangle, a triangle, an inverted triangle, an oval or the coveted hourglass shape? All these shapes play a tremendous part in choosing what will look the very best on you.

If you are a rectangle you most likely do not have much of a waist line, however this is not all bad. The plus to this is that you can wear most any print or print on top or solid on bottom or vice versa. The only thing that might be suggested would be to emphasize the waistline with a belt or a tapered shirt.

If you decide that you are an oval shape then you likely are carrying your weight all in the middle. It is probably harder for you to find clothes that fit your stomach and will not sag off the shoulders. The best choice to draw the eye away from the midriff is to accessorize towards the top of your shoulders either with a print at the top of the shirt and or noticeable jewelry. Never put on a belt around the outside of a shirt or skirt that shows, this will only draw the eye to the largest area.

Maybe you are a triangle or an inverted triangle, heavy on bottom and little on top or vice versa. This is a simple one to fix. All you need to do is emphasize the smallest area whether it be top or bottom with a print. For example, if you are shaped like a triangle and are small at the top, wear a solid pant and a printed top. For the inverted triangle you would do just the opposite.

Finally we come to the hourglass shape, this is by far the eaisest to work with. You can have an hourglass shape and still be a plus size. The privledge of having this body shape is that pretty much any thing goes. You can get by with wearing prints all over, solids all over or mixing them. You can belt things or not. You do not need to focus on any one area so you have many more options.

There are many women who are plus size and make the very most of their figure. With just a few learned tips you can flatter you beautiful plus size as well. With all the beautiful clothes out there in this day and age there is no reason not to look and feel great about your body.

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