What Are Some Tips In Working With The Custom Window Treatment Designer?

What are some tips in working with the custom window treatment designer? Being prepared and knowing what you like is very important when scheduling time with a window treatment professional. Well... what...

Well... what I tell people just before I come out is just be prepared to tell me what you would like to see in this area. I can suggest a million things to you but until I kind of know what feeling you are trying to get, it's a very hard to narrow down, so I tell them you know... give it some thought, look around your neighborhood see what your neighbors have done, you can see what they have in their windows so you can say ... oh I like this, oh I don't like that. It helps to note the things down. It helps me too if you know what your budget is because I can make a million suggestions but if that is out of your budget you are wasting your own time and mine. Lot of times now I will meet with people before the home is even done so if we are doing that I tell them bring me a sample of your fabrics that you are using in the room, either from your furniture or just pictures of what you have so we can see what your style is. I also tell them to contact me if they in advance because custom window coverings do take time. You should plan for a good 6-8 weeks before you are move into that house just so that we can have things on the window for you, for your privacy when you move in. And also that you think about things like "are you going to need privacy in these rooms, do you think you're not..." That really requires them to sit down and think a little bit more than they probably realize that they needed to think about. I give them a lot of information when they first call me. If you don't make it to me 6-8 weeks out, there are some temporary options. We provide folks with temporary shades that are just paper shades that have the Post-It notes sticky running across the top of them so that we can put this on the walls or inside the windows and not do any damage to the wall and they can be up there while they are waiting for their actual product to be fabricated it beats the old sheets with pushpins in the wall.

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