All About Toblerone Chocolate

A quick history and description of what makes Toblerone chocolate.

In 1867, Jean Tobler, a Swiss chocolatier, opened his first store in Bern, Switzerland. Followed in 1899 by his own chocolate factory, Mr. Tobler, became a master at quality recipes and unique tasting treats. In 1908 with the help of his son and cousin, the Toblerone was born. With a special recipe, triangular shape and packaging logo, the Toblerone chocolate bar became the Swiss representation of excellence that has held it's own to this day.

Toblerone is unique in many ways from its manufacturing, recipe, shape, logo and even licensing.

Made from the finest ingredients, Toblerone is manufactured exclusively in Bern, Switzerland. This chocolate production center is constantly being updated and improved making it one of the most modern factories in the world. A representative of perfection, quality and efficiency, the Bern plant is frequently used as a model for other manufacturing sources.

The recipe for Toblerone includes the finest quality cocoa beans, milk, and sugar, but adds honey and almonds. The powdered milk comes mainly from Switzerland - another unique and special feature. This unusual recipe helped develop the bar's name. Toblerone is a combination of the name Tobler, for the inventors, and the word "Torrane," which is an Italian nougat specialty of almonds and honey.

The Toblerone triangular shape, a reminder of the peaks of the Swiss MatterHorn, placed this chocolate ahead of all others. Standing taller than chocolate bars of the time and packaged in thin, triangular tubes, this chocolate gets noticed quickly. In fact, the Tobler Company, Tobler AG, applied for a patent for the Toblerone manufacturing process in 1906; two years before the bar hit the market. This made Toblerone the first patented milk chocolate with almonds and honey. The number of peaks varies on each size bar from three to seventeen, but the triangular shape is a give-away that you're enjoying the Toblerone quality.

The name Toblerone was also registered as a brand name in Switzerland in 1909. The logo, a triangular MatterHorn with a bear hidden within the sketch has evolved through the years and the chocolate varieties. First introduced as a milk chocolate bar, the logo started as an eagle taking flight. The bear, Bern's heraldic animal, followed and fluctuated with the eagle until the introduction of a semi-sweet bar where the first MatterHorn logo appeared. With the introduction of the white chocolate bar, minis, filled and specialty chocolate varieties the MatterHorn blue and white logo is finalized and appears on most packages.

Today, Toblerone is exported and sold in many countries. Varieties are numerous and specialty chocolates are available during the holiday season including those marked with the letter "k" to symbolize that all the Jewish dietary laws regarding choice of ingredients and manufacturing have been observed. And, of course, to keep the candy market and customers on their toes, there is a "Berner Bär," a non-triangular Toblerone with a relief portrait of the Bernese Bear and the Bern city shield on its face.

Whichever variety or size you select, enjoy this rich and unique Swiss chocolate.

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