Toddler Education And Teaching Them To Count

Toddler education: You'll inevitably reach the point at which you think your child is ready to learn how to count. Learn how to teach your child to count.

In the early years of your child's life you'll want to start your child on learning the various letters of the alphabet and on learning how to count. By the time your child turns three or four, she'll be ready to start learning numbers and how to count. This is about the time you should spend some time focusing on this.

But remember, all learning experiences need to be fun. You should incorporate the learning to count experience with a game or a fun-time activity. Make learning to count fun!

Simply by teaching your child to recite the numbers one through 10 won't do much good. You need to use real objects for your child to count. Perhaps when your child is playing with blocks and stacking them end on end, you should make a game out of it. Find out which of the two of you can stack more blocks to create the tallest structure. And she's in charge of counting the blocks. If you use hands-on techniques like this to teach your child to count, it will be much more productive and your child will learn these numbers much more easily.

If you are riding in the car and want to learn to count, she's got lots of fingers to count. Ask her to count her fingers and find out how many fingers she has. Ask her to count her other body parts, too. Counting ears, nose, legs and arms are always fun. And when you're in the car there are lots of other things outside that you're passing by that can be counted. The opportunities are endless.

Regardless as to how you create your counting games and activities, you need to remember to applaud good efforts and right answers. Be your child's biggest cheerleader. Give rewards to your child when she reaches certain levels of counting.

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