Free Toddler Games

There are games that your toddler can play for free today with the use of your own household items and ingenuity.

Free Toddler Games

Prices seem to be steadily on the increase, including toys for your children. Here are some games for your toddlers that won't break your pocketbook and better yet, they are free!

In your own home, you can find games that'll keep your toddler playing for hours.

1. The Prize game

Depending on the age of your toddler, this game would probably be more appropriate for the three and four year old age bracket.

Using plastic bucket or containers found in your house, line them up one behind the other, leaving about a foot of space between them.

Standing behind a line you mark in front of the buckets, have your toddler try to throw a ball or object into each bucket. If they make it all the way to the last bucket then they get a prize!

2. I Spy game

This generally can be played with toddlers ranging from age 2 and up.

Pick an object in the room and tell your toddler that you spy something that's a certain color. For example, if you see a red curtain you tell them that you spy something red in the room. Then, they try and guess what object you were looking at. Next, if they say what you spied, it's their turn to find something in the room and make you guess. This game could be played for hours at a time.

3. Guess the Picture game

All this game requires is paper, a pencil, and some crayons that you probably already have at home if you're a parent with a toddler.

You start by drawing different pictures for your toddler. For example, simple themes like a house, dog, a car, etc. After that, one by one you show them the picture, and when they guess the picture correctly they can color it.

A variety of games can be played by changing the pictures to the ABC's or numbers. You're toddler will have fun guessing the picture, letters, or numbers, and at the same time it can be used as a learning tool.

4. Find the Cookie game

This game probably would be best suited for the older toddler since it requires cognitive abilities.

The toddler covers his or her eye while the parent or caregiver hides a cookie that has been placed in a baggie, somewhere in the room. Then, after a few minutes the toddler is given the okay to find the cookie. The reward is, if they find the cookie before the parent or caregiver counts to twenty, they can eat the cookie. If there is more than one toddler in the room, the game becomes even more exciting as all of the toddlers race to find the cookie first.

5. Under the Bridge

This game is fun for toddlers of all ages.

Line up chairs across from each other. Place a blanket or blankets over the seats of the chairs. Then, show your toddler how they can crawl under the chairs to reach the toy or toys that are placed at the other side.

If you have a toddler age three and older, and they still would like to play games after you have exhausted all the games mentioned above, there is still another alternative to play games. If you have internet access and are available to help your toddler on a computer, there are plenty of free games to play online on your personal computer.

If you're worried about the cost of games for your toddler today, it's easy to find and figure out toddler games that are free, with the use of items found in your own home.

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