Toddler Nightmares

Your toddler undoubtedly will experience some nightmares. Learn how you can help your child deal with them and get back to sleep.

There are many things that seem to go bump in the night for children. It doesn't take much for nightmares to happen. Children are afraid of quite a bit, especially if they have a low self-esteem.

You need to be prepared for nightmares in the middle of the night. They surely will happen. When your child starts calling for you in the middle of the night because of a nightmare, you need to be comforting toward her. Calm her down. Don't take her out of bed, unless you absolutely have to, but reassure her that everything is okay. Ask about her nightmare. Be sure to talk about it. Let her realize that what she was dreaming wasn't real.

Many times nightmares happen because of changes going on in her life. If there have been recent changes such as day care, parents returning to work, parents staying away from home for a night, a new baby or pet in the house, or other troubling situations, the likelihood of a nightmare is high. In these cases, you should try to make sure your child talks about the changes in her life, so she is more comfortable. The most important thing you can do is reassure your child that everything will be okay and answer all questions she might have.

No, you probably can't stop many of these problems from happening. But what you can do is help your child deal with the changes more effectively. Be sure to show your child an increased amount of attention and love. Children want to know that they're appreciated, loved, and are making their parents proud. You need to let them know these things frequently. Nightmares aren't fun, but you can make them easier to handle by handling the situations surrounding the nightmares in a positive manner.

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