Toilet Paper Tube Crafts

Toilet paper tube crafts! Make use of all those toilet paper tubes. Turn them into fun toys and crafts!

We go through dozens of toilet paper rolls a year, more if you come from a large family. In the middle of all those rolls are toilet paper tubes that we usually just throw away. What a waste! Instead of merely filling your trash cans with these versatile tubes, why not make them useful?

To start with, because they are a paper product, toilet paper tubes are burnable. To make them into usable burning material for your fireplace, you can do several things. For firestarter, take a pair of scissors to them. Cut the cardboard into 1/8 inch strips and keep in a bin near the fireplace to use when starting your next fire. This is a great job for kids to do.

For more burning power, tape over one end of the tube. Now pack shredded newspaper or sawdust inside and tape the remaining end over. Presto! A handy burning log. The tighter the inside material is packed, the longer your log will burn.

Toilet paper tubes can also be used to wrap gifts. If you have an oddly shaped gift that will fit inside a toilet paper tube, you can effectively disguise it. Place the gift into the tube and cut a rectangle of wrapping or tissue paper that will easily wrap around the tube and leave three to four inches at either end. Tape it around the tube and tie the ends with ribbon or yarn so it resembles a wrapped candy. No one will ever guess what the present is!

Along the same vein, you can make your own Christmas crackers with old toilet paper tubes. Select a bunch of cheap party favor toys and write or type out some corny jokes. Add a handful of candy and some funky wrapping paper and you have your very own, personalized Christmas crackers. You can also buy the strips of paper with gunpowder on them for the loud popping sound. Try making crackers for birthdays or other special times. You can change the contents and paper to fit the theme. For example, if you were doing some up for a wedding, you could put some plastic silver rings, little doves and bells, along with confetti and sparkles inside and wrap the cracker with silver or wedding paper.

Another very good use for toilet paper tubes for those with small children is as a throat tester. To see if your child under three would be able to swallow a toy or small object, try fitting it through a toilet paper tube. Twist it and turn it to make sure. If it does fit, your child should not be allowed to play with the object, as it poses a choking hazard. It's a good idea to keep a toilet paper tube around for just this use.

For a rainy day activity, get your kids to have a seat and pass out toilet paper tubes. They can be made into a huge array of fun toys and crafts. Binoculars are always a hit with kids. They are easily made by taping two toilet paper tubes together, side by side. The ends can be snipped with scissors, about half an inch in and folded back for decoration. Markers can also be used to decorate them.

As a variation of the binocular idea, you could try taping several toilet paper tubes end to end to form a telescope. Once again, markers are great tools for decorating.

When painted yellow and cut 3/4 of the way lengthwise, these tubes make great duck bills for a child or for another project. Or you can flatten the tube, draw on a person with arms going all the way to the edge and cut it out. Decorate with paints or markers and use your fingers to restore roundness. You will have a figure that can stand on it's own.

To make road signs for the busy highway that kids turn the floor into, you can cut rectangles of cardboard out and paint the sign on. Now, slit the top of a toilet paper tube and insert the sign. It will now stand on it's own and can be placed wherever that particular sign is needed.

As you play with these useful objects, you will find many more uses for them. Use your imagination and creativity, and enjoy!

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