Tongue Piercing Care And Cleaning

Learn proper tongue piercing care and prevent serious infections. Steps in order to insure proper and aesthetic healing

To keep a tongue piercing free from infection the first thing one should not do is rinse his or her mouth out with any type of listerine. This can cause irritation and discoloration to the piercing. Never clean the piercing with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol, this can cause serious injury. Salt water is also an effective rinse.

After getting pierced the tongue will swell up to about twice its normal size and lymph will come out from the wound. Do not worry, this is normal. Swelling will start reducing in three to four days and go away completely in seven to eight. The tongue should be fully healed within 6-8 weeks. During those weeks do not play with or touch the tongue. Always rinse tongue after it has been touched or after eating something. You may want to avoid eating hot or spicy foods during the healing process, as this may cause discomfort and hinder the healing process. One should only eat small, soft amounts of food like mashed bananas, mashed potatoes, cereal, cold soup, applesauce or rice. Ultra slim fasts are a great way to get the protein and vitamins you need and you might lose a few pounds, too. Rinse mouth out before and after every meal or drink. Do not drink alcohol or coffee. Do not smoke. If one must smoke be sure to rinse mouth before and after having a cigarette. Smoking too much will slow down the healing process and cause discomfort. Do not use chewing tobacco or non-filter cigarettes.

After swelling goes down, cut back on your mouth rinsing. When tongue is fully healed it is only necessary to rinse mouth out in the morning and evening. The piercer will usually pierce the tongue with a longer bar or piece of jewelry to allow the tongue to swell. If the bar or jewelry feels too big or long it can be replaced when the tongue has healed and swelling has gone down. Do not take the bar or jewelry out before healing is complete or swelling is gone. A piercer or yourself can change the bar or jewelry.

Always sterilize the jewelry you will be putting in your tongue so as to prevent infection. In many cases, after the tongue is fully healed a crown or hard spot will appear around the hole in the tongue. This will generally go away within a month or two of the tongue being fully healed. If tongue hurts more than 8 days after piercing and swelling has not gone down go to the doctor. Do not just go to the piercing shop unless they specify otherwise. Following these proper steps will result in a quick and aesthetic recovery.

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