What Are The Tools Needed For Refinishing Wood?

What are the tools needed for refinishing wood? This article describes how much refinishing tools cost. There is just something about a beautiful piece of wood furniture that makes an ordinary room into...

There is just something about a beautiful piece of wood furniture that makes an ordinary room into an extraordinary one. But when that wood furniture begins to loose some of the luster and shine that made it stand apart from the other furniture, many consumers look for ways to retrieve that beauty.

One of the easiest and most prolific ways to return old and beat up wood furniture to the look of new is by having it refinished. Refinishing wood allows consumers to give their furniture a face lift when needed without going out and spending large amounts of money to have it replaced.

One of the most important details to remember when attempting to refinish wood is the tools that you will need to complete the job. Dean Camenares is the owner of East End Wood Strippers in Holbrook, NY, a family-owned business since 1959. He is an expert woodwork restoration specialist who has more than 20 years experience. Camenares said that the tools for refinishing your own wood furniture shouldn't be very expensive to purchase.

"The basic tools that you need to do a simple refinishing job are basic cheap chip brushes," Camenares said. "You will also need a very expensive fine varnishing brush, but cheap brushes that are throw away brushes will be the main brushes."

"Also, you need regular China bristle brushes and not Polyester or foam," he added. "Cheap brushes sell for a couple of dollars. You probably want some plastic cups, so you can put remover and different chemicals that you are going to use in there."

"You also need steel rolls or ScotchBrite pads," Camenares added. "You might want metal bristle toothbrushes. Sometimes you will need some strength to get into some tight crevices."

"Further down the line, you are going to need sandpaper," Camenares said. "You might use puddy for patching things. Then, you are going to get into finishing materials that you might use to seal the wood and color. You really have a lot of different tools. What you use depends on what step of the process you are at."

"You can buy sandpaper for 50 cents a sheet," Camenares said. "If you are going to work on one chair, you might need a few sheets of sandpaper. You need a couple of brushes. You might need a cup. You can do a complete refinishing job well under $50 depending on what you are doing."

"They do sell a refurbishing kit at Home Depot," he added. "Besides that, you are talking about buying scrapers for a few dollars, brushes for a few dollars, and sandpaper for the same."

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