Tooth Brushing And Your Child

Are you having problems with your child not wanting to brush his teeth? Here are some tips that might help.

Are you having problems getting your child to brush his teeth? Is he just putting it off and not brushing a lot of times? My suggestions may help. Naturally tooth brushing is very important especially for a child and a poor job will cause problems later on and trips to the dentist.

Think about getting a timer and putting it on the counter in the bathroom and telling him he needs to brush till the timer stops. Get different tooth paste in different forms like gels, paste, mint or regular flavor, even bubble gum flavor.

Today there are many flavors in toothpaste for children plus the tubes are characters now such as Barbie, Rug Rats, etc. to make children want to brush even more.

A child doesn't have any idea of what a cavity is: he would rather be watching a favorite television program or playing a video game. Naturally brushing his teeth is not on his list of priorities but it has to be on your list, that's for sure.

A thought would be to have your child brush his teeth, then you hand him a candy to eat, such as a red candy and then have him inspect his teeth in the mirror, show him all the food particles and the candy on his teeth and let him brush again. You could try different foods such as bread, corn, chocolate, any number of foods to let him see what happens when different foods are eaten especially after brushing his teeth and show him how clean his teeth and his gums and his mouth look after cleaning them after eating these

foods. Tell him when he removes these foods he has less chance of tooth decay which is very bad as he will have to go to the dentist to have the tooth filled.

Try to keep him on a frequent dental cleaning schedule, if he doesn't brush very efficiently you might want to bring him every three months and let the dentist or the lady who does the teeth cleaing explain about tooth decay and how

when you brush your teeth very carefully you can just about prevent tooth decay.

As your child matures he will also have a better understanding of tooth decay but if you will start him on a pattern and a habit of taking care of his teeth as a small child he will follow that habit even as an adult.

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