Top 10 Children's Books Of All Time

Here is a list of the top ten books that should be found in any child's library.

If you ask any adult what some of their most powerful and precious memories they have of their childhood are, inevitably some of them will admit that it was getting tucked into bed, cuddling up with their parents and having a nighttime children's story read to them. For some, it may have been sitting in the big armchair in the living room getting lost in a children's book full of fun characters. Most children love to read or be read to, which may account for the popularity of "story time" in both bookstores and classrooms. Some of the most influential lessons we learned not only from our parents but from the books we read as children. Here is a list of ten of the most memorable and loved children's books that you may want to get and read to your own children to help inspire them.

"Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown is the absolute perfect bedtime story. A young rabbit, before drifting off into peaceful slumber, says goodnight to every single item in his little room, including the red balloon hovering over his bed and the bears in the portrait over his head. By the time this book has been read, you can expect most children to be well on their way to falling asleep for their own peaceful slumber.

"Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak has some of the most memorable illustrations of any children's book to date. The story is about a young boy who gets sent to his room and discovers a magical forest of wild things. Sendak has a way of creating a story that seems to maintain a lyrical quality throughout, much to a child's delight.

Robert N. Munsch could not have foreseen all the tissues that a parent and child would have to go through just to get to the end of "Love You Forever." This story, about a mother's unwavering love for her young son who grows from an infant she cradles in her arms to the young and wonderful man he turns out to be (who she also cradles in her arms) is a testament to unconditional love that will give your children insight into the relationship between parent and child.

Shel Silverstein was a genius when it came to creating great children's books. His book "The Giving Tree" is no exception. The book opens with the line "Once there was a tree and she loved a little boy." The story is about a tree that provides hours of entertainment to a young boy who loves climbing on its branches, but as the child grows into a teenager and then into a man, the relationship between the boy and the tree changes. This is another book on unconditional love (with a nature twist) that both adult and child will love to read.

Yet another children's author that had a way with words was the famous Dr. Seuss. One of his greatest books was called "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" and is a book which can be enjoyed at any age. With its powerful and inspirational words, this book will leave an imprint of positive thinking and help a child realize that they must always dream big to achieve big dreams.

Going hand in hand with his other book, Dr. Seuss's "Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!" helps children realize that their imagination is a powerful tool that must never be taken for granted or underestimated.

Another great bedtime story is Sam McBratney's "Guess How Much I Love You" which shows a young bunny doing his best to avoid sleep time by telling his father that he loves him "this much" or "that much." With each pronouncement of love, the father does his best to top it with something grander until the end when the young bunny, on the verge of sleep, lets his father know he loves him "up to the moon."

Now a popular movie, "The Polar Express" by Chris Van Allsburg is one of those books that will leave children on the edge of their seats, breathless for adventure. Granted, this book is a bit seasonal, but who wouldn't want to hear the tale of the young boy who gets whisked to the North Pole aboard the Polar Express train?

"Curious George Goes to the Hospital" by H.A. Rey is about that curious monkey named George and his keeper, the man with the yellow hat. George accidentally swallows a piece of a jigsaw puzzle and is taken to the hospital to have it removed. This book is a great way to teach children that their actions have consequences.

"The Bernstein Bears and the Truth" by Stan Bernstein teaches children a lesson about taking responsibility for their actions and not choosing lies over truth in their life.

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