Top 10 Best Home Business Ideas For Stay At Home Moms

This article features 10 of the best home business ideas for stay at home moms.

The allure of staying at home with their children is an idea that tugs at many mothers. In a generation that often requires two incomes to meet the demands of living expenses, the option may not always seem possible. There are several viable home business opportunities that can make staying at home with children possible.

Day care is one of the easiest home-based businesses to get started. Licensing is necessary in most states and counties. There are often restrictions of the number and ages of children that a business owner can provide care for. Contact a local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency or local Child Care Association in your area for more information about requirements. Parents Night Out and before and after school care are unique marketing ideas that can set your business apart from the competition. Parents are always looking for dependable and quality child-care, so the market for this home-based business is very likely wide open. Survey your local area for existing providers and standard pricing to find out if this standard is true for your area.

Party planning is a growing business opportunity and can be a lot of fun. If you enjoy children and are creative and skilled at organizing successful events, this business may be for you. Party planners focus on assisting busy parents with party planning for birthdays and other special occasions. A party planner may offer theme-based birthday parties complete with cake, decorations, entertainment, and favor bags. You can gain exposure of your new business at your next child's birthday by organizing a blow out party and handing out flyers to the parents who attend. Local parent publications are also a good place to advertise your services.

If you are a skilled seamstress, you may find success with a home sewing business. Many of today's sewing machines offer computerized functions that can increase productivity and include embroidery personalization capabilities. Services of this business may include alterations and mending. There are many creative options available as well. Custom bedding, Christening gowns, and keepsake baby blankets are a few options. Consider creating personalized stockings constructed of velvet, lace, buttons, and other notions. Bazaars and online auctions are convenient outlets to market these creations.

A kid's cab service is a possibility for moms who live in metro areas. Busy parents will likely welcome a dependable and safe service to assist with transportation needs to child-care, sporting practices, and after-school activities. If you already have a mini-van or sport utility vehicle, start up for this business can be relatively inexpensive. Check with your license bureau about obtaining the proper licensure for the public transportation of passengers. Also, contact your insurance company for quote information about using your vehicle for this type of service. Inexpensive computer-generated flyers can be posted at places where parents and kids gather. Word of mouth is always the best advertisement, so inform your family and friends of your new business creation and ask them to help you spread the world.

Niche newsletters for mothers who enjoy writing and have specialized knowledge in a specific area can be a profitable home business. Moms that are proficient with the Internet may choose to deliver a newsletter online. There is also the option of postal delivery of newsletters. The first step is to find a valuable topic that will sell and also to zero in on a target market. Post offices offer bulk postage options if postal delivery is the route chosen for a newsletter.

An independent career in antique and collectibles is an option for mothers who are knowledgeable about the value of antiques and period pieces. Shopping flea markets, garage sales, and estate auctions is the first step for start up. Online stores and auctions offer a worldwide market for the treasures that can be found in the most unexpected places with a trained eye. Booth rental at flea markets is another resale option.

Bookkeeping and secretarial services can be provided from home. Mothers working 9-5 office jobs may consider approaching their superior with a proposal to provide their services on a telecommuting basis. The technology of e-mail, faxing, and home personal computers makes this a viable option for many mothers who work outside of the home. Consider contacting small businesses and professionals in your area to find out if there are clerical jobs they would be interested in outsourcing. Business owners benefit from these types of services because they don't have to provide benefits to independent clerical staff.

Do you have a talent for photography? This is an easy business to start up. A good quality camera and effective advertising are the basics for getting started. Weddings, family portraits, graduation photos, local newspaper coverage, and candid photos of children are suggestions for target marketing.

If you enjoy baking and have a fantastic recipe, this can be the beginning of a successful home business. Begin by perfecting the recipe of your product and consider attractive and effective packaging. Check with local regulations for home-based food preparation for the public. Approach local bakeries and restaurants with your product. Statewide distribution of your culinary creation can lead to a lucrative business.

There are also many home-based business opportunities available with established companies. These positions are often advertised as consultant or representative sales positions for home and garden products and cosmetic companies. The name recognition these companies offer is definitely a benefit. There is also usually a support system in place to assist in building your home business.

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