Top 10 Must Have Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets

These top ten time-saving kitchen gadgets will assist experienced and non-experienced cooks to get out of the kitchen with ease to enjoy family, friends and food.

In today's world of multi-tasking, ordering out, pre-cooked meals and trying to get at least one day with the entire family enjoying a meal at the same moment, saving time is of the utmost importance. Gourmet and outlet kitchen stores are stuffed to the walls with all sorts of gadgets, some can help, but others just add to the clutter. Here's a quick guide to the top ten time-saving kitchen gadgets and what they can do for you.

Y-Shaped Potato Peeler

A simple and inexpensive gadget with only one moving part, the Y-Shaped peeler easily follows the shape of any vegetable or fruit. Y-shaped peelers are quicker than the skinny, long peelers and create a cleaner cut. Carrot or zucchini ribbons, chocolate or cheese curls for breads, salads or decorative purposes are a breeze with this gadget. Look for a comfortable grip on the handle; it may increase the cost slightly but will be worth it.

Garlic Press

Any Italian, Mediterranean or Latin dish benefits from minced garlic and nothing is better than freshly minced. The pre-sliced variety found soaking in jars looses its flavor and texture quickly.

Additional uses are to squeeze juice out of an onion, to mince ginger; or even push cookie dough through for creative designs. Comfortable grip handles will again be well worth any additional cost.


For frying, grilling, extracting from boiling water, tossing or squeezing- nothing is better than tongs. This very inexpensive gadget is represented by a large variety of types and sizes. Highly recommended are the larger metal types seen at restaurants for easy grip and dishwasher safe clean up.


The old fashion steel graters are still the most practical and convenient. Most graters come with various grating blades on different sides so cheese, vegetables and chocolate can all be grated with the same tool. Look for a grater with an easy or padded handle for convenience.


A hammer like gadget with prongs to pierce meat, fish or vegetables will come in handy more than you think. For any bar-b-que'r it's essential and will speed up the marinating process. Most cooks find other non-cooking like uses for a tenderizer too.

Digital Thermometer

Any dish that is baked, fried or roasted will come out perfectly with a digital thermometer. Oil can be tested before adding chicken, fish will never be to too rare and roasts will ooze with juices but never bleed. Even candy making is made simple; no more guessing with the sugar syrup stages. A must have gadget for the serious cook.


From opening bags, snipping herb, cutting up tomatoes, noodles or pizza slices, a good pair of kitchen shears will come in handy. It may take a little time to get used to cutting meats, trimming fat or creating perfectly cut cookies with scissors, but once you start there's no stopping.

Little chefs will get a kick out of the shears uses.


A perforated metal (usually stainless steel or copper), six quart colander will aid in rinsing salad lettuce, washing fruits and vegetables or draining pastas. Vegetables can be steamed right in the colander and clean up will be quick and easy. Another variety of colander, the mesh colander, will prevent smaller bits and pieces from getting through but does require a little more clean up.


Whether cooking with or for the cook, wine is certain to play a role in the kitchen. The traditional waiter's corkscrew, which collapses into a pocket-sized opener, is the least expensive and sturdiest but does require a bit of skill and hand strength. Depending upon the cook, there are dozens of varieties of this must have gadget.

Melon Baller

Usually this gadget comes with two different size ballers and a sturdy handle. It's a great gadget for scooping melon, ice cream, or cookie dough; to core apples or pears or to make indentations in cookies before cooking. Any holiday baking chef will be lost without this gadget.

Heatproof Spatula

Though pricier that regular spatulas, heatproof spatulas will prevent melted plastic in food. They will benefit a cook with mixing and stirring hot foods right on the stove top, as well as using the heat proof spatula for folding and mixing batters. Dishwasher safe and non-meltable, it's a gadget that once used in someone else's kitchen, will turn into a required kitchen tool.

With little expense the above kitchen gadgets will turn a cook's difficulties and nightmares into a dream.

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