Top 10 Things To Do In Barcelona

Discover the beauty and wonder of Barcelona with these key locations and attractions.

For the active traveler, Barcelona offers a wide variety of attractions and destinations, perfect for sightseeing and exploring. From the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, to the beautiful parks overlooking the city, here is a list of the top 10 things you shouldn't miss out on when visiting Barcelona.

1)Sagrada Familia: For both the first-time visitor and the experienced traveler, Sagrada Familia is an unforgettable sight. Designed by the famous architect Gaudi, the cathedral is still unfinished, but the intricate details of the arches and towers, and the stunning tile work and carvings on the façade of the building are unique in architecture. Sagrada Familia means Sacred Family in Spanish, and the cathedral is a monument to religion. Visitors are greeted by the large stone statues and designs covering the front of the cathedral, and for only 8 Euros tourists are able to climb the many steps up the cathedral's towers, for an incredible view overlooking the city.

2)Park Guell: Another vista over the rooftops of Barcelona, Park Guell was intended to be a paradise retreat for the rich and famous of the city before being turned into a public park. Resting at the top of a hill with a view to the ocean, the park is a perfect location for walking or seeing the city, or for just enjoying the sun and the sights. Open all day with free entrance, the park has a variety of cafes and bars as well as several restaurants. Within the park is the famous Gaudi Museum, featuring a history of the architect's works, as well as many photos and background information.

3)Barrio Gotico: The narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, in the center of Barcelona are a wonderful place to shop and explore. Filled with tiny cafes and unique bars, and full of life during warm summer nights, this area is one of the liveliest in the city. Be careful of pickpocketers, however, and always keep an eye on your wallet.

4)La Rambla: This wide avenue is one of the main arteries through the city, and features many shops and department stores, as well as a large number of street performers and flocks of people. The excitement of this street is unparalleled within the city, and among the shops lining the avenue are bakeries, restaurants, jewelry shops and more.

5)Plaza Catalunya: This large, round plaza at the end of La Rambla is always full of people and pigeons. Located exactly at the heart of the city, this square, with its three beautiful fountains, is a great place to get a coffee and watch the world go by. Upscale shops, such as El Corte Ingles and FNAC, the French electronics store, look out over the plaza and give shoppers a wide variety of products.

6)Picasso Museum: Possibly the best museum in Barcelona, this collection offers an amazing glimpse into the works of one of the most famous painters of all time. From his early works to his discovery of modernism and cubism, the museum follow Pablo Picasso's journey as an artist. Open every day until 3pm, the museum costs 6 Euros entrance fee.

7)Tibidabo: High atop another hill overlooking the city is the amusement park and vista called Tibidabo. Featuring rides, stores, and an old-fashioned ferris wheel, the park is also a fantastic place for lunch or just an afternoon stroll.

8)Olympic Harbor: Built for the famous 1992 Olympic Games, which took place in Barcelona, the Olympic Harbor is a beautifully-designed waterfront, complete with boardwalks and parks. Full of walkers and people during the day, and dance clubs and restaurants at night, this area always has something to see and do. Near to the Harbor is the beach, with warm sand and refreshing waters.

9)The Cathedral: This is the large Basilica of Barcelona in Barrio Gotico, known simply as the Cathedral. With three intricate spires and a beautiful, recently-finished façade, the cathedral is a wonderful example of the old architecture that fills the city. The plaza in front of the Cathedral is also host to many summer festivals and events.

10)Montjuic: The home of the Olympic Stadium, the Museum of Modern Art, and a myriad of other buildings and attractions, this small mountain also has a great view of the ocean and the rest of the city. This is also the only place one can see the spires of Sagrada Familia beneath the snow-capped mountains to the north of the city.

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