Top 10 Things To Do In Gothenburg

Although Gothenburg, Sweden may not be at the top of your travel destinations list, this city has much to offer worldwide travelers.

When people plan their vacations, most do not consider making a trip to Gothenburg. Founded in the 1600s, Gothenburg is located in western Sweden and its half a million citizens make up the second largest city in the country. What are some places that a person should plan to see when visiting Gothenburg?

Liseberg. Gothenburg's renowned amusement park first opened in 1923 and is one of the most popular destinations in Sweden. Over two million people travel to Liseberg each year to enjoy many of the park's rides which include a log flume and roller coaster.

Gotaplatsen. Gotaplatsen is the cultural center of Gothenburg. Once the site of the 1923 World's Fair, today Gotaplatsen is home to a number of theaters and art centers. Of particular interest is the Poseidon statue that was erected in the square in 1931.

Gothenburg Opera. A person wanting to experience more of the culture of Gothenburg should look no further than the city's opera house. Built in 1994 the opera house has two stages where a variety of popular operas and musicals are performed throughout the year.

Gothenburg's Skyscraper. At eighty-six meters, Gothenburg's Skyscraper is the tallest building in the city. Visitors to the skyscraper will appreciate spectacular views of the entire city and will be able to visit one Gothenburg's best cafes located at the top of the building.

Southern Gothenburg Archipelago. Located just off the coast of Gothenburg, the small islands that make up the archipelago are home to 5,000 citizens. Visitors to the archipelago can admire the pristine and natural beauty of the area.

Gothenburg City Museum. Visitors who want to know more about Gothenburg should make plans to visit the city museum. Located in a renovated 18th century building, the museum focuses on Gothenburg's history, industry and culture. Of particular interest are the displays of Gothenburg's history over the past 9,000 years which include the Viking era and Stone Age.

Skansen Kronan. One of two fortresses initially built to protect the city, Skansen Kronan is now a military museum. Visitors to the museum not only see a variety of weapons and maneuvers from the 1600s and 1700s but also witness breathtaking views of Gothenburg and the nearby harbor.

Museum of Art and Hasselblad Center. Sweden's second largest museum is the Museum of Art and Hasselblad Center located in Gothenburg. The museum has various displays of Scandinavian art while the Hasselblad center produces art exhibits created by local artists.

Fish Harbour and Fish Church. This market, or Feske Korka, was created in 1874 and was given the name of Fish Church because of the building's pointed roof. Visitors can expect to see an exceptional array of seafood and can even partake in a seafood auction or visit one of the area's restaurants.

Gothenburg Cathedral. One of the area's most popular destinations is the Gothenburg Cathedral. Built in 1815, visitors to the cathedral will be in awe of the exquisite neo classic architecture of the building.

Although it isn't a destination that most people automatically think of when planning a getaway, Gothenburg, Sweden, has much to offer travelers. From architecture and nature to culture and history, visitors to Gothenburg will be inspired by a trip to this city.

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