Top 10 Things To Do In St. Kitts

Plan on adding some of these St. Kitt's attractions to your travel itinerary to get the best of what the island has to offer.

St. Kitts, a small island in the Eastern Caribbean, offers travelers more than a beach getaway. The guitar-shaped island provides a quiet retreat with a variety of historic, cultural and ecological sites. If you are planning a getaway to the 69-square foot island, these attractions should make your list of things to see while in St. Kitts.

1. Mount Liamuiga. This 3,792 foot dormant volcano dominates St. Kitts landscape. The volcano's last eruption was approximately 1,600 years ago. Book a tour up the mountain, or if you're brave enough, take a trip down the crater. The mountain boasts a variety of tropical flowers and plants, including orchids and wild raspberries.

2. Brimstone Hill Fortress. Nicknamed the "Gibralter of the West Indies," the fortress was designed by British military engineers and built by African slaves between the 1690's and the 1790's. Brimstone Hill Fortress is a spectacular piece of military history that covers 38-acres and stands about 800-feet above sea level. Enjoy the view of St. Kitts and the surrounding islands and learn about the site's historical significance. The fortress is open everyday except Christmas and Good Friday. Highlights of the tour include the hospital, ammunition stores and the Prince of Wales Bastion. The cost is $8.00 for adults and $4.00 for children.

3. Romney Manor. This 10-acre estate was built in the 17th century and remains an important historical site in St. Kitts. The home was once owned by Sam Jefferson II, the great great great grandfather of Thomas Jefferson. Romney Manor was also the first estate in St. Kitts to emancipate slaves in 1834. Visitors to Romney Manor can view the 350-year old saman tree, which is 24 feet in diameter and covers a half acre. The estate is also the current home of Caribelle Batik, an ancient art form that uses hot wax to dye fabric in a variety of different patterns and colors.

4. Black Rocks. The Black Rocks, located on the northwest side of St. Kitts, were created by ancient lava flow that hardened along the water's edge. Walk around and explore the different formations that were deposited centuries ago when Mount Liamuiga was still active.

5. Coconut Tree Reef. The reef is one of St. Kitt's largest reef systems and is appropriate for every level of diver. The reef goes down to about 200 feet and is home to a large variety of aquatic life.

If you are interested in either wreck or reef diving, St. Kitts is an ideal spot to explore. More than 400 ships have sunk between 1493 and 1825 and only about a dozen have been identified over the years. Other favorite diving spots include Monkey Shoals, Nags Head and Sandy Point.

6. The Circus. The Circus, named after London's Piccadilly Circus, is located in the center of St. Kitts' capital, Basseterre. The Circus is home to a variety of shops, banks and restaurants and the famous Circus of Berkeley Memorial Clock which stands in the middle of the square. The Circus often hosts a variety of events throughout the year.

7. St. Kitts Scenic Railway. The railway is one of the newest attractions in St. Kitts, offering a scenic tour of the island in a double-decker railcar. The 3 ½ hour train ride follows the old sugar cane train tracks and gives gorgeous views of the island's landscape and the surrounding Caribbean. If you have limited time, this is a great way to view St. Kitts. Live entertainment is also available. Tickets cost $89 for adults and half-price for children.

8. South Peninsula. Until a few years ago, this stretch of beautiful beaches was accessible only by boat. Now, a highway makes the area easily accessible to visitors. If you are looking for large stretches of pristine beaches, rolling hills and natural beauty, take the Dr. Kennedy Simmonds Highway to South Peninsula.

9. Old Road Bay. The first permanent English settlements in St. Kitts occurred at Old Road Bay when Sir Thomas Warner settled the area with his family and 14 others. Fascinating Carib petroglyphs can be found on the outskirts of this settlement.

10. Wingfield-Phillips Rain Forest Nature Trail. Take a hike through the lush rainforest and view the natural beauty of St. Kitts. If you don't feel comfortable making the hike alone, there are numerous tour guide company's on the island that will lead the way. Guides are also useful in identifying medicinal plants and providing information on local history and cultures.

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