Top 10 Things To Do In Stockholm

A guide to some of Stockholm, Sweden's many terrific attractions. Learn about the city's numerous international famous museums and historical sites.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. It's also a cosmopolitan and forward looking city which remains one of Europe's centers of art and design. The beautiful Scandinavian metropolis is delightfully situated on an archipelago of interconnected islands. This setting has appropriately earned the city the nickname "the Venice of the North." The first thing visitors should know is that the city is concentrated in a small area. Most of Stockholm can be explored in less than an hour. For any lucky visitor there are several places that top the must see list.

While Sweden is a democracy, the Swedes also have a constitutional monarch. The present royal family is headed by King Carl Gustaf, his wife Queen Silvia and their three children. The royal family works in the very lovely and very old centrally located royal palace. At the present time tourists are allowed access to the terrific treasures housed within the palace's walls. The royal palace includes an extensive antiquities collection. Visitors can also tour the magnificently decorated state apartments. Another notable building in Stockholm is the Storkyran. The Storkyran is not only a landmark cathedral that dates to the thirteenth century but also home to some of Stockholm's finest art. Admission is free.

If your tastes are more modern, visit the Kulturhuset. An important city landmark, the Kulturhuset is a large modernist building that is the center of the city's arts community. Here you'll find exhibits devoted to photography and fashion. The museum also houses an auditorium where plays and dances are performed. The highlight of the museum is a library devoted to comic books. Visitors can browse through over twenty five hundred titles in many different languages.

Those in the mood for something more down to earth will find it at the Grona Lund. The Grona Lund is an amusement park with lots of classic rides including a roller coaster, fun house and giant windmill. In addition to the rides the park also has concerts and fabulous restaurants. If you seek calmer amusements visit Skansen. Skansen is an outdoor park that features a zoo and a recreation of an old Swedish village. Entrance to Skansen is free.

One of the many delights of Stockholm are the city's seventy museums. Perhaps the most famous of all Swedish museums is the Vasa Museum. The Vasa Museum houses a huge collection of art with a special emphasis on wooden sculpture. Of particular note is the Vasa ship, which was recovered from the ocean after it ran aground in 1629. The ship has been painstakingly resorted and can be seen in full glory at the museum.

Another great Swedish museum is the National Museum. This is Sweden's largest art museum. Visitors can see exhibitions on everything from current handicraft design to classic works by painters like Rubens and Degas. As you would expect, there's a special emphasis on material by Swedish artists.

Tourists who enjoy the sciences should stop at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. The museum has exhibits on animals, plant life and geology. Tours are offered in English as well as Swedish. While there are lots of fantastic things to see, visitors should catch a showing at the Cosmonova. The Cosmonova houses an IMAX theater and planetarium.

If you have children with you, you must stop at Junibacken. Junibacken is a center devoted to children's literature and art. The lovely complex brings to life characters from classic Swedish kid's books including the much beloved world famous Pippi Longstocking. There's a train to board and a miniature village to explore. From medieval palaces to modern astronomy to the latest in design, visitors to Stockholm will find attractions to suit many needs and tastes.

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