Top 10 Tips For Motivating Employee Success

If you're looking for ways to light a fire under your staff members, here are some effective strategies that can help.

Good companies look out for and foster their employees' success, even when that sometimes means the employee will leave the company to move up the corporate ladder. Mostly, however, happy employees remain loyal to organizations that value them.

If you want to motivate employees to work for personal success, here are top notch ways to spark their interest.

1. Sponsor a competition. Sponsor a contest for the top seller, best attendance record, or fastest worker, whatever skill you want to emphasize. Set a time frame, date, and award to be given at the end of the competition. Many aggressive people enjoy competing, and awards will make it worthwhile.

2. Offer commendation. A simple "Good job" or "Thanks a million" can motivate people who enjoy verbal acknowledgement. Some staff members yearn for human recognition or verbal interaction on the job. Pausing to offer a few words of encouragement or gratitude can truly make some people's day.

3. Put it in writing. Praise good workers with a professional looking letter of thanks and a copy to their personnel file that will be noticed during the annual evaluation. Or print an attractive certificate that can be posted in the employee's work area. A newsletter mention or Web site posting can boost the spirits of those who enjoy seeing their names in print.

4. Host an awards ceremony. Sponsor an annual event that everyone looks forward to, especially those to be recognized. It can be a meeting centered around a workday meal or an evening dinner as well as a weekend golf outing or "high tea." Issue a press release and bring out the nice table settings to make things nice. Your honored employees will feel special.

5. Cook up a company dinner, picnic, or retreat. During an all day fun outing that means a day off work, save a block of time to announce and congratulate the year's most successful employee(s). Invite family members if possible.

6. Money talks. Merit pay, bonuses, raises, and promotions are traditional ways to reward quality performance. Gift certificates are appreciated as well.

7. Increase perks. Company discounts, business vehicle, extra vacation days, or an exclusive club membership are always appreciated by deserving staff members. Be creative in finding unique ways to celebrate success.

8. Do it with humor. A singing telegram, balloon delivery, or "roast" at a company event combines laughter with celebration of an employee's accomplishments.

9. Enhance office support. When someone consistently performs quality work, consider providing an assistant, new software, or upgraded equipment, both as a reward and as an incentive for continued progress.

10. Conduct a survey. Ask all employees to complete a questionnaire that includes questions about how they feel valued. Sometimes a small thing means a lot, like a word of praise from the company owner. You'll never know unless you ask.

All of us enjoy recognition of our efforts to be successful. Take time to help your staff feel honored as you guide them along the road to success and glean the benefits of company loyalty.

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