Top 5 historic sites in paris

The 5 big historical spots in Paris.

If you are looking for a city packed with romance, art, and history, Paris has to be at the top of your list. The crown jewel of France, the city on the Seine, Paris is home to some of the most recognizable historical attractions in the world.

The Eiffel Tower:

Locals once detested what is today the grandest symbol on the Parisian skyline. The massive tower of steel was created for the 1889 World's Fair and has, over the years, won over even the harshest of local critics to become a symbol of great civic pride. When planning a visit to the tower, remember that lines are often long, and, although it is worth the wait, a trip to the top can take 2-3 hours.

The Arch de Triumph:

This massive arch, which has become a very recognizable piece of French architecture, which dates back to the days of Napoleon, who commissioned the arch as a symbol of victory. The best way to truly appreciate the Arch is to climb the long, stone staircase that leads to the top, from which the views are unmatched. However, the stairs are as old as the Arch and are not for the meek.

Notre Dame Cathedral:

One of the most magnificent structures in all of France, the majestic cathedral is a must for any first time visitor. Notre Dame sits at the symbolic heart of Paris and, with its flying buttresses and famous gargoyles, it is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Mass is open, but does become crowded. For a basic, tourist view of the cathedral, go when there is no mass being held.

Musee de Louvre:

Who could go the Paris without paying a visit to the famous Mona Lisa? Leonardo di Vinci's favorite lady rest in a room, virtually of her own, deep within the Louvre. The Museum, considered by most art historians as the best in the word, is home to innumerable priceless works from throughout history and around the globe. Plan on spending an entire day and only hitting the high points. When you arrive, get a map and plot your route in order the see those things that are most important to you. The audio tour is high quality, informative, and a good way to get a general overview of the museum's extensive collection.


Set high above the city, and a considerable distance from its center, this basilica was built in the 19th century by the French government. Its domed ceiling, and incredible view of the city make it a worthwhile trip, but only if you have time to spend making the trip "up the hill" which is sometimes a hassle, and always time consuming.

Visiting Paris for a week will teach you many things, but the most important is that you must return. A city this rich in history, religion, and art is to be savored. So, on your first trip, plan well, prepare to be overwhelmed, and bring along a notebook to jot down those places that you missed, as well as those that are worth a second look.

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