The Top Craft Activities for 13-Year-Old Boys

By Margaret Mills

Young teen boys are just growing out of childhood, and their interests and hobbies reflect their desire to pursue more adult activities. Boys who are 13-years-old often try to pattern themselves after the adult men in their lives by working with their hands or learning to use power tools. Crafts that remain at the top of the list over time include woodworking and leather crafts, especially when combined with recycling, natural science and the environment, or ancient history.

Green Crafts

Young teens highly rate green crafts, especially those that involve recycling. A boy who desires to clean up the environment and connect with nature might find making a bird feeder from a recycled plastic jug an appealing project. For example, you can teach your 13-year-old boy to make a simple bird feeder from a half-gallon plastic milk jug. Have him first cut holes on two sides; he can then drill smaller holes below the large holes and glue small dowels in place as perches for the birds. Finally, have the teen drill a hole in the plastic cap to thread a string or wire through to hang the seed-filled feeder in a tree. The teenager uses a utility knife and a hand-powered drill in the cutting process, yet the project is simple enough that he can do it alone.


A boy with an interest in both woodworking and nature might enjoy building a birdhouse. Help your teen find plans for a simple wooden birdhouse online or at the library. In this craft, he can practice measuring and sawing wood, and drilling, hammering and gluing plywood boards together. He can leave the birdhouse simple and rustic, or sand and paint it before placing it in the backyard. Most 13-year-old boys will need adult supervision and guidance for this project, which involves working with saws, drills, rotary and other power tools.

Leather Crafts

Many young teen boys like the look and feel of leather and enjoy working with it; leather craft combines the masculine with the artistic. Leather work can have a Native American flavor in moccasins or a knife sheath or a cowboy touch in belts and wallets. Help your 13-year-old boy find and purchase kits that include pre-cut and stamped pieces and leather lace for belts, moccasins, billfolds and knife sheaths. However, most 13-year-olds are capable of working with awls and stamps to cut, sew and decorate their own leather projects.


Boys have long had a fondness for anything involving ropes and knots, and they enjoy numerous activities that require skill in knot-tying, including sailing, rock-climbing and horseback riding. However, tying the knots is a craft that a 13-year-old can master. Have your teen make a macrame friendship bracelet using hemp string and wooden beads. For a simple design, the boy can knot four strands of hemp or nylon string into a series of square knots with glass or wooden beads slipped on at intervals between the knots.

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