Top E-Commerce Strategies For Your Online Internet Business

The best strategy for an online business is to figure out a way to advertise without spending a lot of money.

One of the best e-commerce strategies for your online business is to make money on the things that usually cost or find a way to do it free--like advertising. Some of the ways to advertise and make money concurrently are:

1) Selling in online auctions

When selling in an auction online, you can add a link to your online store in the description for the item. Most auction websites charge to list items and there may be a final value fee, but those costs are usually minimal. All the people who read your auction's description also see the link to your store. Even if the auction doesn't get any bids, your store may get more sales from people clicking on your store's link.

2) Affiliate programs

There are services online that you can sign up your online business with that allow you to have people sign up to be sales representatives for you--they are called affiliate programs. The way it works, you advertise your affiliate program on your site and when people join, they get their own link to your website. Then they can put the link up on their website and/or give it to people. When their customers use that link, you know about it from the order process and then you give them the previously agreed on percent of the sale, this is usually ten percent but can be as high as fifteen percent.

A variation of this would be to let people give out your link to your website and have a question in the ordering process asking about how they heard about your website. This isn't nearly as efficient as using an affiliate program, but it is free and simpler.

3) Banner exchanges

There are two types of banner exchanges. One is where you have a link on your website and the banner rotates between different websites. Hosting this type of banner or having yourself listed on one isn't a good idea because you don't have any control over what businesses are rotated in the banner and it may reflect badly on your website.

The second type is where you contact another online business or they contact you to ask about exchanging banners. This is a good idea especially if you and the other business do not sell the same type of products because you are not taking business from each other.

4) Have a listing on the top search engines

Getting a business listing is free on some search engines, but on some, you have to pay. If you can't afford to buy a business listing on a top search engine, then consider setting up your online business on a well-known search engine. They cost a bit more than the alternatives, but some of them come with things you need like credit card processing, a shopping cart, secure server, and more. But most importantly is that in addition to all of the other features is that they list your online store in their directory.

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