Top Garage Sale Items To Sell

Throwing a garage sale but unsure as to what items will really attract customers? Find out here.

Have you ever had an unsuccessful garage sale where very few people stopped? Have you ever went down a street to find an advertised garage sale and then slowly drove by because nothing looked remotely interesting? There are reasons why some garage sales bring in more customers than others and it doesn't always have to do with what time of day the sale is or where your home is located. While you may be hauling out all kinds of merchandise thinking you will make a killing, you need to understand the merchandise that actually draws in garage sale crowds. Sure you may be selling spectacular items like a Gucci dress that has never been worn or some Prada shoes that are gently used, but, even if you are, if you don't have the items that lure in customers, nobody will ever know what great treasures you're toting.

* As the daughter of a self-proclaimed garage sale guru, I can say with the utmost confidence that my father and almost every man over the age of thirty that is dragged to garage sales by spouses and girlfriends will light up when they see any kind of tool being sold. I have seen grown men jump out of the car to see the tools being offered for sale. No matter what items my sister and mother and I put out at our garage sales, they would pale in comparison to my father's shiny tools that lured in men from miles around. If you have any kind of tools like wrenches, hammers or pliers or any kind of electric tools like jigsaws or electric screwdrivers, display them prominently and group them all together on one table. The same thing goes for any kind of electric or gas-powered lawn appliances like weed eaters, lawn mowers and edgers.

* A large group of garage sale customers focuses on buying toys and clothes for babies and toddlers, so if you have any of your children's old stuff, they are almost sure to be bought.

* Old furniture like couches, dining room tables or chairs are definite golden items in garage sales. Even if you don't think your old torn couch is worth anything, there are many do-it-yourself people out there that will not see your old couch for what it is, but rather, for what it could become with some new upholstery.

* Appliances like old refrigerators, toasters and microwave ovens are also big items that attract many customers. Even if your appliances may not be working, post a sign on them that says so, and you might, surprisingly, still get some takers. Many people frequent garage sales looking for items that are no longer working and, thus, priced very cheaply so they can take them home, fix them and re-sell them.

* Old VCRs and DVD players, as well as VHS movies and DVDs are great items to sell at a garage sale. People love watching and buying movies and if they are priced right, they will sell like hotcakes.

* An unexplained phenomenon of garage sales is how many people will stop by and specifically ask for old jeans, especially good brands like Levi's. We never quite understood the attraction to old jeans, but I assume that since most jeans are made of durable and quality denim, they are usually still in good condition.

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