Top Of The Line Car Stereo Systems

A list of some of the best high end car stereo and speaker makers on the market and what they have to offer.

When choosing a car stereo, it's important to remember that quality needs be just as important as getting a good price. In today's auto stereo market, there are so many different accessories and elements involved in choosing one that it becomes overwhelming at times. Most aficionados of car stereos want to include things such as equalizers, crossovers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and multiple disk in-trunk CD changers. To the novice, the choices can be confusing. The most important thing to remember is to find a brand name that is known for producing quality, long lasting products as well as a good sounding system. If you're looking for something truly "booming", you need to know which brands out there are offering the best of the best.

Clarion is known for making some great stereos, and their newest model offers up not only the quality expected from the company, but a boost from Apple's iPod as well. The stereo allows you to integrate your iPod easily into the car, with its very own dock and separate control screen. The iPod is hooked up to the dock, and the display comes up on the Clarion screen just as if you were looking at the iPod itself. Along with the great sound quality of most standard Clarion stereos, this model gives your pod a boost in the car. The beauty of this stereo is that the iPod's sound comes directly out of the stereo instead of using an FM transponder, which sends radio waves from the iPod to the stereo through the radio itself. This newest model pushes the sound right out of the iPod unit and through the stereo with no interruption from radio frequencies. Most other Clarion models will be coming out with compatibility for iPods by the summer of 2005.

Another fine maker of audio sound, Alpine, manufactures some of the highest quality in car audio available on the market today. The clarity one gets from an Alpine system is what makes it one of the top sellers. Newer models offer MP3 capability, and Alpine has also recently released a model that is iPod compatible. Most of the controls on an Alpine stereo system are easy to navigate and have great backlighting so they're easy to see at night. Crisp clean sound is a definite trait that can be found in Alpine's line of stereos. You will notice a marked difference in sound clarity and quality if you decide to purchase an Alpine.

Infinity is best known for its production of car speakers and subwoofers. If you see an Infinity logo on a product, it's sure to be one of the best sounding speakers you'll hear. Infinity's Kappa series carry a large selection of high-end components for optimum boost on bass and treble levels. Their line of amplifiers is considered to be some of the very best in quality available on the market today.

Sony is probably one of the most well known manufacturers of audio systems in the world, and makes high quality systems for cars as well as for the home. Most of Sony's newer lines include full-color display screens, MP3 capability, CD text files so you are able to see the name of the album and track, and CD-R/CD-RW ability. For the high-tech, Sony is definitely an option to look into. The company is constantly updating its products to fit the ever-changing needs of the car stereo enthusiast. Esthetically, Sony makes some very attractive models that not only look great in your car, but produce a great sounding system as well.

These are just some of the great manufacturers of car stereos available today. Although most models can be purchased online, you may want to go to your local car audio dealer and test some out for yourself so you can make the best decision for your own car.

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