Top Secrets Of Area 51 Info

What is Top secrets of area 51, and why all the controversy? This article takes a look at the truth (and some of the speculation) about the infamous Area 51.

There are those who say Area 51 is not just a patch of desert, but a state of mind. We'll get to that intriguing question later. Area 51 is actually a block of government land, about 95 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. The name supposedly came from a designation appearing on an old map.

Inside Area 51 is an Air Force base, near the shore of Groom Dry Lake, which the government does not discuss, ever. It is known the site was chosen in the mid-1950s for testing the U-2 spyplane, due to it's remoteness and the presence of a dry lake bed for landings. In addition, the base has been the traditional testing ground for the latest generation of secret aircraft since those early days. It's also known to have the longest aircraft runway in the world.

Since very little is ever said officially about Area 51, speculation and rumors are rife. Anything as hush-hush as this military installation is bound to cause such talk.

Most rumors relate to UFOs and captured aliens. Since about 1989, many tourists have been coming to the public lands closest to Area 51, trying to scan the skies for evidence of alien aircraft.

There is some danger in this, because if you wander across the unfenced military border, you could be arrested and fined $600. A private security force patrols the military border and they're known as "cammo dudes," for the camouflage clothing they wear. Generally, you can not get any closer than twenty-five miles of the base.

For those who see conspiracies in every corner, Area 51 has become a popular symbol for the alleged U.S. government UFO cover-up. That's why Area 51 is sometimes referred to as a state of mind.

A gentleman by the name of Bob Lazar claims he worked with extraterrestrial flying saucers at an installation at Papoose Lake, south of Groom Lake in an area he calls S-4. Although he gained a great deal of attention, there's no way to confirm or refute his assertions.

Other true believers say an alien craft crash- landed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Furthermore, they say the saucer bits and bodies were taken to Area 51 for study and are still there today. A film of an alien autopsy, supposedly from the Roswell alien crash, added to the controversy.

It's no secret, mysterious things do happen at Area 51. But exactly what is the question.

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