Top Ten Ways To Know You Have A Crush

Here are the top ten ways to figure out if you are beginning to develop a crush on somebody.

Whether you are ten or eighty years old and whether you are in a committed relationship or not, you are never safe from a healthy crush. Having a crush on somebody is just another way of saying that you like somebody a little more than the average Joe. Most people will admit to having crushes on a famous athlete or a gorgeous celebrity, but sometimes we start to have crushes on people who are around us every day. Aside from writing your name and your crush's name encircled in a big heart over and over again, what are some ways to know that you are crushing on somebody?

1) You go out of your way to see or hang out with that person. Maybe you have a crush on that cute waitress at the coffee shop and you go out of your way about fifteen miles everyday just to have coffee at that specific location despite the fact that there is another similar coffee shop minutes away from your front door. It is safe to say you have a crush. Naturally, when you start to like somebody, you want to see them all of the time for that happy feeling you get when you're around them.

2) You are starting to worry more about your appearance. Yesterday your idea of a "going out" outfit was your sweat pants with the hole on the knee and your pizza-stained t-shirt. Now, you are actually starting to iron your slacks and wear your dressy shoes just to go to your 8 o'clock Biology class. When you have a crush on somebody, you want those feeling to be reciprocated, so you start trying to put your best foot forward.

3) When writing a list of positives and negatives about that person, the positives a landslide. When you have a crush on somebody, you will be seeing that person with rose-colored glasses, so pretty much anything they do (even if it is the way they burp the alphabet) seems exciting and cute.

4) You find yourself being clumsy or awkward around them. Before you started having a crush on the goalie of your soccer team, you were the star player. Now, you're lucky if you don't trip over the ball or your shoelacewhen you are in practice. This is due to the fact that you are now becoming completely aware of every move you make and how it might look to your crush so you start second-guessing yourself at every turn.

5) You find yourself getting tunnel vision. By this, I do not mean you are literally getting tunnel vision, but you find it hard to focus on anything but this person when you are around others. Maybe you are having a conversation with your friends while your crush is skateboarding with his friends nearby. You have no idea what your best friend was telling you because you have been staring at your crush out of the corner of your eye wondering if he looked over at you while you were talking.

6) They are not around and you find yourself smiling. Ever been sitting in class and you find yourself smiling because you remember something your crush said or did the day before. When you have a crush on somebody, they are constantly on your mind, distracting you from anything else.

7) You start asking his friends about him. When you like somebody, you want to know everything you can about that person, so, without noticing it, you may have started being a little more inquisitive about things he likes or dislikes.

8) Your friends are getting sick of you talking about her. She is not even around and all you can do is talk about that funny thing she said the day before or the fact that she just got a new puppy. When your friends' eyes start rolling, chances are, you have a major crush.

9) For some reason, you can not stop teasing this person. Remember in kindergarten how you would hit the girl you like with your pencil to get her attention? Or in middle school when you snapped the bra of the prettiest girl in class to make her laugh? That teasing thing doesn't end there. When we have a crush on somebody, we resort to teasing and playing.

10) You hate going to your Physics class but lately you don't seem to mind. In fact, you actually get a little happy or anxious to go because you want to see your crush who sits two rows away from you. Having a crush can definitely give you that giddy sensation.

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