Topics to avoid during a job interview

Learn some of the topics to avoid during a job interview.

Job interviews can be very important when you are trying to get a job, and many people get nervous because they do not know what to say during the interview. Some job interviews can go very smooth, while others can simply be horrible depending on the responses that are given to the questions that the interviewer is asking. In any case, there are certain topics that you may want to avoid when you are in a job interview. Such subjects can actually cause you to not be hired.

The first subject to steer clear of when you are in a job interview is that of past jobs that you may have been fired from. Though you have to write the jobs you held in the past on your application, it is a good idea not to simply state that you were fired for a particular reason. For example, if you were fired from a job because you had a bad attitude or you treated a customer badly then you do not want to talk about that. However, if you were let go due to cut backs or your position was temporary then it is a little easier to talk about something like that without it affecting your chances of getting the job.

Another subject that you may want to avoid is that of your weaknesses. Some interviewers may ask you what you consider to be a weakness of yours. You will have to answer the question, but try to do so by choosing a weakness that really will not affect your work in the job that you are interviewing for. For example, if you are interviewing for a customer service job and you think that one of your weaknesses is that you are not good with people, you may want to choose another weakness to talk about. If the weakness that you talk about is directly related to what the job entails, you might be less likely to be chosen for the position. Also, you do not want to say that you do not have any weaknesses because that can come across as arrogant. You certainly do not want to appear to be arrogant to the person that is interviewing you, so make sure to find a weakness of some sort if the interviewer asks you that question. If the interviewer does not ask you what your weaknesses are, then avoid the subject completely and only talk about your strengths.

If you are being interviewed for a job, but the job is simply to hold you over until you find a job that you are more interested in, do not talk about that in the interview. Even when you are not planning to stay at a job very long, you do not want to let the interviewer know that. Most places are looking for people who are planning to stick around and stay with the job for a long time. If they know that you are not really interested in the job for a long duration of time, they may be less likely to hire you. Instead, it is important to let the interviewer know that you care about the position and that you will work your best to make sure that you and the company are successful.

Job interviews can be tough to handle for some people, but the more you know about what topics to talk about and what topics to avoid, your chances of having a successful interview are much higher. So do your best to avoid the above topics, and relax during the interview. You will certainly be able to have a great interview.

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