Toys For Kids: Choosing An Outdoor Volleyball Set For Children

If your children like sports, consider purchasing an outdoor volleyball set for family use. A guide to equipment.

Volleyball is a very popular sport. Both parents and children love this fast paced game. Volleyball is easy to follow and has simple rules that anyone can learn. If your child has seen the sport on television or played it in school, you may want to purchase a home volleyball set for the entire family to use at home.

Once you've made the decision to buy a volleyball set, there are several considerations you should keep in mind before you actually acquire one. First of all, don't buy a volleyball set for children under ten. Children younger rarely have the coordination necessary to play the game. The hard slaps necessary to propel the ball can easily hurt their fingers. Jumping up to the net can also be very difficult skill for children to master before they've reached a certain height.

Second, have a good close up look at the set before buying it. If need be, ask the salesperson to take it out of the box for closer examination. The volleyball set should include a weather resistant net made of durable nylon with grommets and strong tape on the ends, a volleyball that can deflated, ropes to tie up the net, poles to hold it up, stakes to anchor it to the ground and a pump to inflate the ball. You can also buy an optional court marking kit and sand discs to make beach use easier but such extras can make a set very pricey.

Take care to ensure that you fully understand how to assemble the net before you buy it. If you are at ease having your child play with when you aren't home, confirm that the child fully understands how to assemble it without getting hurt. A good set can be hooked up in ten minutes or less. Decide in advance if you want the net to be outside during the entire year. It is best to take it down periodically to save on wear and tear. Look for nets that come with poles that have several adjustable sizes. At least three heights are ideal because it allows both children and adults to play at the same time.

Poles should be composed of a lightweight material that folds down in smaller pieces and does not rust. Balls can be made of synthetic leather or polyurethane. Check that the ball isn't too hard or your child could easily get hurt. Volleyballs should have a little give to it when the surface is pressed. To get as much use as possible, look for a set that comes with a carrying case. The case will allow you to take the set from backyard to the beach and back again. A good case will be small enough to fit in the backseat of the car or a backyard shed. Have your child hold it up to see if they can carry it without help.

There are many sets available also allow you to play other games with the net such as badminton or tennis. Such sets are usually more expensive than one that only allows for one game. Instead of buying combination sets you may wish to just buy the basic volleyball set and then purchase rackets and shuttlecocks. If you chose carefully you and you child should have a game you can enjoy playing together for many years.

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