Traditional And Modern Color Scheme Ideas For A Fall Wedding

Ideas for traditional and modern color schemes for a fall wedding. Includes ideas for weddings with themes based on fall holidays.

Fall is a beautiful time of year for a wedding, with the temperature outside cooling off but not yet freezing.While the traditional busy season for weddings spans from spring through late summer, many brides choose a fall wedding for its temperate weather and cheaper prices for wedding services, such as catering and hall rental.After choosing a fall wedding date, the bride then must choose between a traditional fall wedding color scheme and something more boldly modern.Either way, she is sure to achieve a classy affair that is memorable for all who attend.

The traditional fall wedding color scheme

Fall weddings tend to have color schemes that focus on the colors of fall foliage:deep red or burgundy, vivid yellow, pumpkin orange and light brown.Typically, a darker color, such as brown or burgundy, is paired with a brighter color, such as yellow or orange.Alternatively, the darker colors of fall can be offset by gold details, which are harsh in the summer, but are a perfect match in the fall if used sparingly.Other subdued colors, particularly navy and burgundy, are traditional choices for fall weddings.Bright summer colors, such as fuchsia pink, and spring colors, such as any pastel color (pink, lavender, etc.), are usually not used because they appear too bright for the season.Complement the color scheme by using fall flowers such as sunflowers, or incorporate brightly colored fall leaves into your bouquet.For a wedding on or near Thanksgiving weekend, choose traditional colors such as brown and orange.Although brown is not normally a color that comes to mind when planning a wedding, the use of a shiny material, especially for the bridesmaids' dresses, can add a sophisticated touch to the wedding.

The modern fall wedding color scheme

Rather than focus on a color scheme, many modern weddings focus on a theme that use specific colors to highlight the theme.Many modern couples choose to hold their weddings on a holiday, such as New Year's Eve.In the fall, Halloween is a wonderfully unique choice for a wedding date that easily suggests unique wedding color schemes.For a Halloween wedding, one option is to have traditional Halloween decorations and colors, such as black and orange, as the primary colors.To complement the color scheme, decorate the reception hall with jack-o-lanterns containing lit votive candles.Another increasingly popular choice for a Halloween wedding is to hold a costume party or masquerade ball for the reception, in which case a more appropriate color scheme would be purple, gold and green, or white and gold.Another non-traditional fall color scheme is the use of the highly popular apple red, with black and gold accents.While this color scheme is more appropriate for evening weddings in the summer, it can be used at any time of the day during the fall.The red evokes images of apples and the return to school in the fall, while the black and gold mute the bright red and provide a good contrast to its brightness.For this color scheme, incorporate red and yellow apples in gold containers to place on tables at the reception.

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