Traditional And Modern Color Scheme Ideas For A Winter Wedding

Color scheme ideas for a romantic winter holiday weddding. How to avoid the traditional winter wedding look and create a unique look. Tips and advice on how to choose your colors.

Winter weddings have often been themed around the 2 major winter romantic holidays; Christmas and Valentine's Day.The color schemes often follow the holiday themes. Traditionally, red and green, burgundy and hunter, and pink and white are the major color choices.Silver and gold are often used as accent colors. Taffetas and velvets are available fabric choices for the season, and plaids are often used for a Christmas wedding.

Brides can take advantage of the beautiful holiday decorations in churches over the holidays.To do so, the wedding party must take the style and color scheme of the church/site into consideration.Bright red poinsettias decorating the church would clash with burgundy velvet bridesmaids dresses.Make sure to check the reception hall for any decorations that might interfere with your plan also.

An easy way to incorporate holiday decorations belonging to your church/hall would be to go with a coordinating color scheme.This would complement what is already available, but not copy the color theme.

If bright red poinsettias are overflowing at the chapel, the wedding colors could be silver, gold and a combination of hunter green.If silver and blue are in abundance in your synagogue you could add deeper shades of blue and/or dove grey as well as white which would add depth and richness in the monochromatic (varying shades of the same color) scheme.

Metallic fabrics are becoming more popular.Black is still a standard color in formal weddings.These colors can be used uniquely, a bronze, silver and gold wedding or a black and white wedding with jewel tone or pastel accents would be a good use of modern colors and fabrics adding freshness to a theme that may seem dated to you.

To make the best choice in a color theme ask yourself the following questions:

What is my favorite color?Will it work with the date that I have chosen?

Pastel pink would work with a Valentine monochromatic (red shades blending into pinks) theme, but would probably not work with Christmas, unless a Victorian theme is chosen.If your location could support a Victorian theme, blues and pinks and mauves would be appropriate and beautiful.

What is my favorite flower?Is it available in winter?Does it matter to me if I can't use it in my wedding? If you adore lilacs, can not do without, you will have to be creative.Silver, white and lavender would be a lovely combination, and could even work over Christmas if white poinsettias are used in the décor.

What scene do you picture when you think of your wedding?Did you choose winter because you see yourself walking down the aisle in a hood and holding a fur muff?Then you will be most satisfied with traditional.Do you long for velvet or satin?Do you see formal, homey, casual, elegant?

Do you live in a climate where winter is just another sunny day?If so, the heaviness of traditional wedding colors and fabrics might not be a good fit for you.In this situation you might want to consider the monochromatic color blends.

To choose color palettes that blend nicely, once you have decided why you want a winter wedding and what it looks like to you, consult the color wheel.Opposites are classic color choices.Red and green or yellow and violet are considered complementary colors.Most shade (darker) or tint (lighter) combinations should look lovely together.Related color schemes are colors next to each other like green, blue green, blue.Again fiddling with shades and tints can give you a lot of different looks depending on how they are used.Monochromatic is again different tints and shades of the same color, pale blue to navy with any in between on the scale.Paint strips at the paint counter would give you help with this look if you feel insecure about pulling the look off.

If you go with an intense color, dark or primary (red or blue) less is best.Use it as a focal color, and use accent colors to frame your main color.Accents can be the colors as mentioned on the color wheel in the above paragraph or neutrals.Neutrals are white, gray, beige, black and metallics.Consider a favorite color used sparingly, a metallic used lightly to add drama and another neutral or accent color more abundantly.An example of this would be sapphire blue, silver and an abundance of a tint of blue/lavender if you want to play up the winter snow or Hanukah season.

If you want a Kwanza wedding celebration and your meeting place is already going to be decorated in the colors of the season, consider small bouquets of yellow and red and silver bridesmaid dresses to complement rather than clash with the décor.

Is your heart set on classic Christmas?Consider simple dresses in dark or celadon green (medium gray green), simple bouquets of a single poinsettia stem or white roses wrapped in silver ribbon so that you aren't fighting with the décor.A Victorian Christmas could be easily over decorated also.Consider 3 long stemmed pink roses wrapped in a square of lace or satin for your attendants and simple blue or pink dresses.

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