What Are Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

There is a traditional gift theme for every year of a wedding anniversary. Here is a handy reference list. Which year's gift theme are you looking for?

There are traditional gift themes for every year of a wedding anniversary. Here is a handy reference list of each year's traditional anniversary gifts, as well as, examples of each for the first fifteen years of marriage.

Traditional gifts for Wedding Anniversaries

1st year-paper

notebooks, photo albums, magazines, books, stationary, cards, calendars, diary, paper towels, tissue boxes, shelf paper, address book

2nd year-cotton

towels, sheets, linens, curtains, tablecloth, pillow cases, bed spreads, blankets, throw blankets, dish towels

3rd year-leather

wallets, purses, address book, luggage, belts

4th year-silk, fruit or flowers

flower arrangements, fruit baskets, fruit pies or preserves, silk gowns, silk handkerchief, clothing, linen, ties.

5th year-wood

wooden bowls, wooden statues, wooden salad bowls and utensils, wooden knick knacks

6th year-tin

funnels, pails, watering cans, pans, bread trays, kitchenware

7th year-crystal

vases, candle holders, bowls, goblets, paperwieghts

8th year-china


9th year-silver

jewelry, coins, picture frames

10th year-golden

jewelry, coins, gold plated picture frames, coins

11th year-steel

rims, custom ball hitch

12th year-silk/linen

bed linens, silk gown or handkerchief

13th year-lace

doilies, tablecloth, lingerie

14th year-ivory

statue, paperweight, or some other knick knack

15th year-crystal

dinnerwear, vase

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