Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Ideas For The Tenth Year - Tin

Is your ten year wedding anniversary coming up? If you are following the traditional gift schema, then ten years means tin. Here are some tin or tin-inspired gift ideas.

The ten year wedding anniversary is not just any other anniversary. As a couple you have prospered into the first of many double digit anniversaries. If you and your spouse are following the traditional anniversary gift schema, then the tenth year is often considered the year of tin or aluminum. Do not panic and rush out to the nearest warehouse to get your spouse a sheet of tin. Fortunately, there are many possible gifts to get your spouse to thank them for a wonderful ten years of marriage.

* Of course, nobody in their right mind would turn down any type of electronic equipment: gifts which one can easily justify from a loose translation of "tin." If your spouse loves taking tons of pictures, and is using a twenty year old camera to do it, invest in a digital camera or digital camcorder for them. Or, if they are committed to sticking with a 35 mm camera, get them some kind of camera accessory, like a zoom lens. If you and your spouse love renting movies, you can get each other surround sound equipment or maybe a new big screen television.

* A nice watch is a wonderful gift to get for your spouse for your ten year anniversary. In addition, you can use a loosely defined version of tin and purchase your spouse some jewelry of their choice.

* Maybe your spouse loves the finer things in life. Take your spouse on a romantic "tin" picnic at one of your favorite destinations. Buy plain tins from a local crafts store and fill them with some of your spouse's favorite gourmet foods, like cookies, cheeses, salads and breads.

* Did you and your spouse use beautiful glass or crystal goblets to toast each other and your friends and family on your wedding day. Have a local artisan create a tin or aluminum replica of them for your tenth anniversary. You can have the goblets engraved with your names and your anniversary date.

* If your spouse loves to cook, go to a local specialty grocer or community college and enroll them in a cooking class. In addition, you can purchase some new aluminum non-stick cookware for them. If your budget does not allow that expense, get them a basket filled with different aluminum kitchen gadgets like graters, zesters, timers and mixing bowls.

* Does your husband or wife love to golf? Purchase a copy of the famous Kevin Costner movie, "Tin Cup." Wrap this up with a gift certificate for the green fees and golf cart rental at a local golf course. Or, if your budget allows, wrap up the movie with plane tickets and an itinerary for a trip to a famous golfing resort.

* Do you have a spouse who is also an avid gardener. Purchase a tin watering can and fill it with a new set of gardening tools like shears, hoes and weed pullers.

* If you have a spouse that has a hobby like woodworking or scrapbooking, invest in some tin storage bins they can use to house their different tools or supplies.

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