Traffic Citation And Ticket Mistakes

Traffic citations and ticket mistakes with the police can cause much grief. There are 5 things that you can do to insure that your contact with the Police on a Traffic Stop ends on a positive note.

There are some very positive things that you can do during your contact with a Police Officer during a Traffic Stop that will help you avoid extra citations. There are also some things that you can do that will guarantee enough Citations to paper your bathroom walls.

Following these 5 simple rules will assist you in surviving your ordeal on a positive note. #1. Beware of Sarcasm. There is very little that will set an Officer's teeth on edge faster than having to listen to a smart alec. In fact, it is a sure way to find yourself the victim of "stacked charges". This is when the Officer reviews everything with a fine tooth comb because you became terribly annoying. Little known or forgotten charges will be dusted off and applied to your paperwork. No signature on the registration and no litter bag are two favorites of mine.

#2. Beware of Disrespect. The role of a Police Officer is much the same as a schoolteacher. There is a lesson to be learned and a point to be made. If one method of teaching does not get the students attention, then use a more forceful approach. If you convey your personal lack of respect to the Officer, you are guaranteed to receive a citation. You may feel better when you get done putting the Officer in his place, but the Officer will receive his pound of flesh in court.

#3. Beware of making it Personal. This is a professional contact that should stay impersonal and business like. Remember, everyone is entitled to their day in court. If you try to hold court while receiving your citation, you will only succeed in annoying the Officer and adding more charges to your paperwork. When you challenge the Officer's honesty and professionalism, things will take a negative turn and regrets will be many.

#4. Listen to the Officer. Let the Officer explain why you were stopped and what is going on. If you listen to the Officer without interrupting, perhaps the Officer will extend the same curtesy to you.

#5. Freeze. When you pull your vehicle to the side of the road and stop, do not reach under the seat or fumble around in your glove box. Stop and wait for the Officer to contact you and instruct you on what is needed. When the Officer sees you bobbing around in the front seat, the scenario changes from a routine Traffic Stop to a potentially dangerous Officer Safety situation. The Officer sees someone that is pulling a gun out of the glove box or stashing drugs under the seat. Put your hands on the steering wheel and freeze. If a Police Officer is feeling stressed because of your behavior, it will only make the experience more negative. Officers are trained and have experience in dealing with hostile and violent situations. Don't lead the Officer to suspect your going to be a problem.

Keep in mind that Police Officers deal with a great deal of stress and terrible situations. Stress and trauma can make a normal Officer seem on edge and short tempered. A positive attitude from you and go a long way in encouraging your contact with the Police to be a rewarding experience.

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