Trampoline Exercises For Weight Loss

Trampoline exercises are a great way to provide steady weight loss when used in conjunction with a good, healthy meal plan.

As with any exercise program, always consult your physician before you begin.The trampoline exercises we are going to discuss are a great way to provide you with steady weight loss, as long as you also adhere to a healthy meal plan.You will want to follow the exercises as directed and perform them three to four times each week (unless otherwise directed by your doctor).

Before we discuss the basic workout used on a trampoline, first let's talk about what you should do before you begin.You will start your workout with a series of warm-up exercises designed for use with the trampoline.You will need to refer back to these exercises once you complete your basic workout and do them as cool-down exercises.Once you have completed your warm-up, you will need to do a series of stretching exercises to ensure reducing your risk of injury to any of your joints and/or muscles during the workout.

The purpose of warm-up exercises is ensuring your body's muscles are warmed up and ready for the workout.Cool-down exercises allow your muscles to wind down after working them so hard.However, follow the exercises as instructed herein and do not exceed five minutes during warm-up or cool-down.Remember that these exercises are designed for use with a trampoline and if followed correctly, you will see a steady weight loss within six to eight weeks.

Warm-up and Cool-Down Exercises

1. Trampoline Contact Bounce: With your feet placed shoulder-width apart, bend your knees slightly and place your hands on your waistline.Begin the trampoline contact bounce very gently without your feet leaving the mat.Repeat the motion ten times to get yourself comfortable with using the trampoline.

2. Trampoline Foot Tap: Keep your body in the position used for the contact bounce and shift your weight to one side.Now, tap your one foot out to the opposite side.Repeat the movement ten times by shifting your weight to the right and then to the left, while tapping your foot to the opposite side each time.Then go into a steady bounce.

3. Trampoline Hamstring Curls: While bouncing, you will need to shift your weight to the left or right side of the trampoline.Now, bring the opposite foot up to your buttocks.Repeat this exercise ten times, while shifting your weight back and forth each time.Then go back into a steady bounce.

4. Trampoline Side-to-Side: Place both of your feet together and begin bouncing by slightly leaning to one side of the trampoline.Repeat this movement ten times by shifting your weight to the right and then to the left each time.Then, go back into a steady contact bounce.

5. Trampoline Jogging in Place/Jog Bounce: Bring your body's weight back to the center of the trampoline and begin jogging in place, as you would if you weren't on the trampoline.Continue to jog in place and slowly count to ten.Then, begin bouncing twice on one leg before switching to the other leg.This is called the trampoline jog bounce.Repeat the jog bounce ten times on each leg and then wind down into a steady contact bounce for ten seconds and then remove yourself from the trampoline to perform your stretching exercises.

Stretching Exercises

1. Lower Body Stretch: Place your feet shoulder-width apart and put your hands behind your back.Now, bend over as if you were going to touch your toes.Hold this position for thirty seconds and repeat the movement ten times.

2. Bent Torso Pull: Sit on the floor and stretch your legs completely apart, but without straining.Now, bend one knee upward toward your torso.Then pull your chest down to touch your thigh on the bent leg and twist at the waist.Hold this position for ten seconds and then repeat the movement on the opposite side.Repeat this exercise ten times on each side.

3. Floor Stretch: While sitting on the floor, keep your legs stretched apart and bend your upper torso by pulling yourself toward one thigh.Hold the stretch for thirty seconds and then repeat it on the other side.Repeat this exercise ten times on each side.

4. Bent Over Leg Stretch: Bring your body back into a standing position and stretch your legs so that they are shoulder-width apart.Now, slowly pull your upper torso down towards your right leg for ten seconds.Then slowly pull your upper torso down towards your left leg for ten seconds.Repeat this motion ten times on each side, but do it slowly.

Trampoline Basic Workout Exercises Designed for Steady Weight Loss

1. Contact Big Bounce: Begin bouncing gently and then begin bouncing high enough for your feet to leave the mat of the trampoline.Continue with this motion ten times and then go into a steady contact bounce.

2. Knee Raise: While bouncing, begin to raise one knee just above your waistline.Repeat this movement ten times on each knee and then resume back into a steady contact bounce.

3. Jumping Jacks: While bouncing, begin doing jumping jacks.Keep your legs shoulder-width apart each time you land on the mat.Also, be sure to work your arms and legs simultaneously during this exercise.Repeat this exercise ten times and then resume back into a steady contact bounce.

4. Upright Row: While in a steady contact bounce, alternately raise your knees just above your waist and do an upright row with your arms each time you raise a knee.Repeat this motion until you have worked both knees ten times and then resume back into a steady contact bounce.

5. Twist Bounce: While bouncing, put both feet together in the center of the mat on the trampoline.Now, simultaneously twist your body back and forth while gently bouncing.Repeat this motion ten times and then go back into a steady gentle bounce.

Once you have completed your trampoline workout, you are ready for your cool-down exercises.Refer back to the exercises you performed during warm-up and repeat those exercises as directed.If you use this trampoline weight loss program along with a healthy meal plan, you will begin to see a steady weight loss within six to eight weeks.

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