How To Transport Live Fish

The purpose of this article is to inform any kind of fish owner how to transport fish from on destination to another, safely.

There are two ways to safely transport fish. If you are transporting fish for a short distance (reaching the destination in under two hours) you can put them in a water filled bag. Simply put a medium sized clear freezer bag in a container and wrap the edges of the bag over the sides of the container so that the mouth of the bag stays open but both your hands are free.

Fill the bag 3/4 full of water. The water in the bag should be the same as the water in the aquarium where the fish are and should be close to the aquarium. Using a small fish net, gently scoop up one fish at a time. Flip the net upside down over the open bag and turn the net inside out, being careful not to squish the fish. Try to keep the different breeds of fish seperate when moving them in a bag as the small space can make fish more aggressive. DO NOT OVERCROWD THE FISH. This also makes them more aggressive and you could end up with no fish at all.

When you have put the desired amount of fish in the bag, carefully pull the bag edges off the container. Twist the bag about an inch from the top. Make sure there is a large pocket of air between the water and the twist. This helps give the fish oxygen. After an inch of the bag is twisted, fold it in half and tie with a rubber band. When transporting make sure that the bag(s) of fish is/are placed securely so it does not roll around and crash into things. This could be quite disasterous to the fish.

If you are transporting fish for a long distance (reaching destination will take over two hours) you can keep the fish in the aquarium. This is probably the safest way to transport fish but is also more awkward. Carefully drain most of the water out of the aquarium, keeping in mind not to crowd the fish. There should be enough water in the aquarium for the largest fish to swim freely around. Approximately 2 inches abouve the fish when it is resting on the bottom.

Take out all ornaments and plants and put them in seperate containers. All filters and lights should also be removed and put in boxes. If the plants are living put them in a water filled bag following the directions for transporting fish in a bag. Removing all large objects from the aquarium will help keep the fish safe and uncrushed. If there is a lid on the aquarium it may stay on unless it is loose and has a chance of falling into the aqaurium.

Put the aquarium into the vehicle where it will be secure. A good place to put it is on the floor. Do not put anything on it or in it and make sure nothing will fall into it during the transport. When you reach the destination, simply fill with water, replace the ornaments, plants, and filters.

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