How To Transport A Pet: Flying, Bicycle, Car, Boat

Learn which public transportation will accept your pet for travel.

In many countries, there are different regulations regarding pet travel. In flight travel, pets that are moderately big have to travel in approved cage or carrier in the luggage compartment of the aircraft. Smaller dogs, such as Yorkies, can be placed in an airline approved kennel under your seat. In some cases, if the animal is small enough and it is allowed by the airline, the dog can fit in a bag and sit on your lap. If carrying him on board, do not let him bark at the passengers. The airline crew will make you restrain and possibly remove your dog from the plane to avoid annoying the passengers. If need be, take along a muzzle if you know your dog is a barker. For the short time you are on the plane, he will be fine. Remove it when you have exited the plane and are in the terminal, but keep him in the carrier until you leave in your car.

When traveling by bicycle, always have your dog run along side you. Never put the animal in a box on your bike. If you should happen to fall off the bike, your pet will become injured also. Your dog must run alongside you on your left side, just as if you were walking it normally. Never go too fast when riding your bicycle and walking your dog, as you can injure the dog's pads on his feet and overwork him. The concrete pavement can cut his feet and the hot asphalt can burn the bottom of his pads. Be sure the lead that you use is not too long. If it were to get tangled in your bike, it could cause choking and dragging of your dog. He could become seriously injured.

If traveling by car, always restrain your dog. If you are driving and the dog sees another dog, he can jump on your lap and cause an accident. Always restrain the dog in the back seat. Some manufacturers carry special dog seat belts to use for your pet. Make sure your dog is comfortable while traveling. He should be able to lie down when tired and be sure to bring some dog treats or a bone to chew on so he doesn't get bored. Never leave your dog in the car when stopping, especially in the hot summer months. This would be a good time to take him for a walk to relieve himself. Never let your dog jump from seat to seat and bark. This would be very distracting and cause you an accident.

If traveling by boat, make sure your dog has a life preserver on and is restrained from jumping over the side of the boat. If you feel your dog will become sick on long boat trips, ask your veterinarian for motion sickness pills. Make sure your dog sits in the middle of the boat. To do this, tie him on by placing a special hook just for the dog. Do not attach him to the side of the boat by using the docking hooks, he will surely go over if the boat decided to tip. Be sure that you take plenty of water and food for the animal.

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