Travel Games For Kids And Adults

Three amazing car trip games which will make your family laugh for the whole trip, guaranteed!!!

When going on a trip with children it is important to give them some game ideas especially when the space is enclosed like in a car, and the children start to become restless for lack of things to do other then to fight... This article will give you three travel game ideas you can teach your kids and which should make the trip more fun for everyone.

The first game is an unusual card game, which is made by the riders of the car. The materials for this game are at least 10 blank cards per person about the size of playing cards. As a helpful variations half the cards could be white and the other half some color to make them distinctive. These cards can be cut out before the car trip so they will be available to the travelers. Then each person also needs a pen and many ideas. For half of the cards, which should all be the same color, each person should think of questions that can only be answered by yes or no and printed on the card. For example print, "Would you date Michael Jackson?" or "Are you every hungry at midnight?" Then on the other cards put answers, but not necessarily to your questions. But don't just put yes or no, but make the answers more imaginative. For example write, "Only when I have a temporary memory lapse.", or "I just can't say no!" When everyone is finished printing their questions and answers on the paper (mom or dad can help too!), separately mix up the questions, and mix up the answers. Now give one person the questions, another person the answers and start reading them to each other. This game will be so funny it will keep you laughing for days! You can keep mixing the cards or add to them to make even more comical combinations of questions and answers.

The second game is a counting game. This game is useful mainly for car confining trips. Each person picks a color of car and then counts the cars which are that color. The first person to reach 100 cars first wins. Of course colors like gray and white win often, so to make the game more interesting only allow people to pick colors which aren't so common. To add another variation to the game, instead of counting cars, you could count people's hair-colors. This is especially fun if you are driving through a major city and you include hair-colors such blue, red or yellow.

The last travel game is a "describe a person" game. Pick a person from your friends, relatives, or famous Hollywood stars, and describe that person to the other people in the car. The first person to guess correctly whom you are trying to describe gets to go next. Of course you could make the game even harder by not using any words when you describe the person, but rather just actions. That way your car will be transformed into a carload of joyful people!

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