Travel Guide: Haunted Places In Georgia

This article lists a variety of places located in Georgia where ghost sightings have occurred and includes the history on why they are haunted.

From the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement, Georgia has long played a key role in the development of the history and culture of the United States. However, Georgia also home to a number of legends regarding hauntings and spectral visits. What are some the best places to visit, if a person is looking for a frightful experience?

Atlanta. Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and one of the cities directly affected by the battles of the Civil War. People visiting various places throughout the city have claimed to have seen Union and Confederate soldiers. A Confederate soldier was supposedly photographed looking into the window at the Fox Building.

The Shakespeare Tavern has a history of supernatural events. Visitors to the site have seen odd lights and shadows and have heard unexplained voices. An old man and young boy, dressed in 19th century clothing, have been seen on separate occasions. Shadowy figures have been seen along the catwalk that hovers above the tavern's stage.

Augusta. Located near Georgia's border with South Carolina, Augusta is one of the state's oldest cities. Over the years a number of ghostly sightings have been reported throughout the city.

Augusta State University was once the site of Confederate headquarters during the Civil War. The converted mansion on the premises now serves as the University's Admissions office. On occasion, people claimed to have seen a Confederate soldier wandering the grounds. The soldier then enters the cemetery located behind the building and disappears into thin air.

Jonesboro. One of Georgia's most infamous cities, Jonesboro is home to a number of restless spirits dating back to the Civil War. The city was the site of one of the war's fiercest battles. Some residents claim that on the anniversary of the battle, gunshots, drums and voices can be heard.

The Warren House, located in Jonesboro, is a hot spot for unexplained activity. During the Civil War, the house was used as a hospital for wounded and dying soldiers. People have reported seeing a soldier peering out of the window on numerous occasions.

Marietta. A person hoping to witness unexplained events should look no further than Marietta, Georgia. The Kennesaw House and Marietta Cemetery are only two places where a person may get a good scare.

The Kennesaw House was another site converted into a hospital during the Civil War. Today, Kennesaw House is home to the Marietta Museum. However, many people claimed to have seen apparitions of soldiers and doctors on the lower floor. A number of unexplained noises have been reported.

The Marietta Cemetery has also been the site of ghostly apparitions. A young girl has been seen kneeling by the grave of her long dead parents. When approached, the girl vanishes. Cold spots and fog are also common within the graveyard.

Hawkinsville. This city was once home to the Hawkinsville State Hospital. Although closed for a number of years, the building still boasts a considerable amount of paranormal activity. Many people have heard unexplained noises and voices and experienced varying degrees of coldness. Apparitions of past occupants of the hospital have also been witnessed.

Located between Hawkinsville and the town of Cochran, a person will find Kitchen's Bottom. This old bridge is home to the ghost of a man who reportedly once lived underneath the structure.

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