Travel Guide: Top 10 Things To Do In Manila

Travel guide to top tourist attractions and things to do while vacationing in Manila.

The city of Manila is often overlooked as nothing more than a mere gateway to the well vacationed Philippine Islands. If you're heading to the Philippines for some fun in the sun, you might want to stop along the way and find out what Manila has to offer you and your family!

By the way, you might want to arrange your schedule so that you arrive there sometime between the months of February and April. That way, you can avoid the soaking rainy season.

The Top 10 Things to Do in Manila (in no particular order)

1. Roller Skating - One of the largest parks in South East Asia, Rizal Park is nearly one hundred and fifty acres of greenery. If sightseeing in the Japanese Garden or the Chinese Garden doesn't interest you, then you can check out the free music concerts and the roller skating rink. You can also find natives performing Tai Chi and other forms of martial arts.

2. Shopping - If shopping is your bag, then you'll enjoy checking out the many shops and stores that line Manila's streets. Many places are within walking distance, but if you need a lift, you can catch one of the many city busses or hail a taxi cab.

Just remember that all of the main Christian holidays are celebrated in Manila. On these days, most of the shops and stores stay open. So, you can shop 'til you drop even on those days; except for Good Friday. There is no bus or taxi cab service in the city either. Instead, the natives are attending religious ceremonies.

3. Swimming - Jed's Island Resort, which is located on McArthur Highway, Calumpit, Bulacan, Manila, is a vacation resort that you and your family can readily enjoy. This resort features a huge swimming pool, along with fishing and boating areas. If you'd rather stay on the land, then you can go horseback riding, play volleyball, tennis, or basketball. There are also attractions for the kids to play at.

4. If you want even more swimming and water fun, you and your kids can play at Splash Island. This huge park is made up of swimming pools, water slides, rides, and more.

5. Riding - One of the most popular amusement parks is called The Enchanted Kingdom. This park features an eleven story roller coaster, a gigantic Ferris wheel, and seven areas where you and your family can ride and play. These areas are: Brooklyn Place, Boulderville, Jungle Outpost, Midway Broadwalk, Portobello, Spaceport, and Victoria Park.

6. Sunbathing - White Beach looks exactly as its name implies - white. Its sand is often said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. You and your family can swim, relax, lie in the sun, go walking, and take advantage of the other activities it has to offer.

7. Sightseeing - Intramuros, which means "inside the walls" is a fort that was built by the Spaniards in the late fifteen hundreds. Its walls were twenty feet high and over a mile in length. It protected several rich mansions, churches, and schools. Unfortunately, the fort was destroyed when America fought to regain Manila from the grips of the Japanese in 1945.

Much of Intramuros has been rebuilt, however, and today it is an interesting tourist attraction. It's one of the most interesting places to visit on your trip to Manila. You can see Casa Manila, The Manila Cathedral, Fort Santiago, the Rizal Shrine Museum, and more.

8. Relaxing - The Lotus Garden Hotel in Manila is a six floor building that can offer you plenty of rest and relaxation. It can offer you a good night's sleep, car rentals, massages, a spa, Internet access, television and maid service.

9. Celebrating Christmas - You can celebrate this late year holiday like you never have before in Asia! This is one of the natives' biggest holidays, and they celebrate it starting in mid October. There are parties galore, a never ending supply of delicious food, and festivities for everyone to enjoy!

10. Taking in the Night Life - Manila is known for its loud music and its colorful night life! You can find bars and other places to mingle such as Jazz Rhythms and the Hard Rock Cafe. You can visit theaters to watch performers, or perform yourself by checking out a karaoke bar.

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