Travel Ideas: Haunted Places In Texas

Everybody likes a good ghost story. Contains different ghostly haunts found in Texas that allow all to become ghostbusters.

Haunted Places in Texas

For those of us that believe in ghosts, Texas is a great place to start your search. Here is a short list of Texas Haunts made famous by ghostbusters of all ages.

The Alamo

One of the most famous landmarks of Texas, the Alamo, has been reported as being haunted. Said to be haunted by many restless spirits, the Alamo as well as the grounds and surrounding buildings have been reported over the years to contain ghostly apparitions. Hauntings were sighted right after the 13 days of battle were over. Mexican engineers were ordered by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna to tear down the mission, brick by brick, but they refused when ghostly hands emerged from the walls, some holding glowing torches. But what really stopped the engineers in their tracts was the sound of a loud, ghostly voice warning of terrible death should they not stop tearing down the Alamo. Rumored to be the founding monks scaring the engineers and not ghosts, the Alamo was eventually rebuilt instead of removed.

Other ghostly sightings reported at the Alamo and in and around the area include apparitions emerging from the walls of the Alamo, the ghostly sighting of a monk that walks into a wall that was formerly a doorway, along with the murdered children's sounds of laughter and the sobs of a woman reportedly heard inside the gift shop. Not only have the apparitions been reported, but the shaking of furniture inside Alamo Hall, lights going off and on, and windows and doors opening and closing have also been reported by visitors over the years.

Bandera Pass

The Bandera Pass in Kerr County, Texas has been reported to be haunted by ghostly spirits. The apparition of a headless horseman has been sighted riding from Bandera, Texas to Center Point, Texas. The headless horseman was a mail carrier who lost his head to Apache Indians in the 1800's. There have also been sightings of a ghost wagon full of settlers who were massacred by the Apaches. On certain nights sightings of the settlers have been spotted riding through local pastures.

The Catfish Plantation Restaurant

Another popular haunt in Texas is called the Catfish Plantation Restaurant located in Waxahachie, Texas. The Catfish Restaurant was built in a Victorian House that was originally constructed in 1895. Former occupants of the house have been purported to still be in residence in the Victorian. The current owners of the Catfish Restaurant have reported not only sightings of the spirits, but moving objects, mysterious noises, and clocks that reset themselves.

Mr. Anderson, a farmer and the original owner, was blessed with a daughter named Elizabeth. Around 1920, Elizabeth was strangled on her wedding day in the house and is most often spotted in her wedding dress. One fellow by the name of Will was a depression-era farmer who met his demise in the house in the 1930's. Reportedly seen as an apparition dressed in overalls who prefers the front porch, Will has been spotted by the local law enforcement officers who said when they walked toward the porch, the gentleman simply vanished.

The third ghostly apparition in residence at the Catfish Plantation is named Caroline who once resided with her family from about 1953 until 1970. Caroline is said to have died at 80 years old and according to psychic visitors, doesn't realize she's actually dead. Reported as the most active spirit, Caroline is none too pleased with the clientele who continually pass through the restaurant.

Presidio La Bahia

Another famous mission in Texas called the Presidio La Bahia located in Goliad, Texas makes it to the list as one of the most extremely haunted missions found in Texas. General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna executed so many Texan revolutionaries on Palm Sunday in 1836 that their restless spirits are said to roam the chapel yard. The ghostly sighting of a woman praying in the chapel has been seen along with moans and sighs echoing throughout the main courtyard.

Shafter Lake

The area in and around Shafter Lake located north of Andrews, Texas has been reported to be haunted. Shafter Lake was named after Confederate General Shafter. Sightings of a troop of Confederate soldiers on horseback galloping across the lake during the full moon have been reported. A cemetery for the victims of a smallpox epidemic was originally located near the lake, but has since been moved. Legend has it that the cemetery was haunted by a lady in white and most people think this is why the cemetery was relocated.

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