Travel Tips: How To Plan The Perfect Vacation

Learn how to plan the perfect stress free travel. All the information needed to prepare the entire family for a trip to remember.

The first step in planning any family vacation is deciding where and when you are going. It is best to decide at least six months prior to leaving.

Once you have decided where to go, the next step is how to get there. This really depends on how far from home you are going and how much time off from work you are taking.

If you are going a great distance and want more quality time at your vacation destination, you may consider flying. Although, if you enjoy the travel as much as the destination, driving is the best alternative. To drive takes only a couple of decisions more. You must route out you trip, estimate milage, and estimate gasoline expenses.

Now that you know where you are going and how you are getting there, start making all necessary reservations. If you reserve airline tickets, rental cars, and hotel/motel accomodations early, they are usually cheaper. Anything you can reserve early-Do it! It will save you hassels later. Once you have made reservations, keep all the information in a handy place.

Now you can decide how much money needs to be available for the trip and start a savings plan. Set aside a certain amount every month in preparation for the trip.

Also, decide who will take care of your pets or if they will go to a kennel to be boarded. Call your veterinarian to check on your pet's current vaccinations.

Ask a trustworthy neighbor or family member to collect your mail and newspapers or have them held while you are away. If you have houseplants that are easy to care for, you can leave them in a bathtub with an inch or two of standing water while you are away. If your plants are complicated, you may ask a neighbor or family member to plant sit.

About one or two weeks before the trip, begin reconfirming all reservations to ensure everything is in order. Now is the time to remind neighbors/family members about watering your plants or collecting your mail. If you choose to have mail and newspapers held, this would be the time to set that up.

Go to the bank and get traveler's cheques for the bulk of your spending money. Try to keep about $50.00 cash for on the road snacks and small souvenirs.

Get out your luggage to decide what you need for each family member. If traveling by car, remember to pack a bag of activities and snacks for younger trip takers. If you are traveling by plane, choose what you think will really occupy your children as the carry-on bag will have to be smaller.

Packing to make sure you don't forget anything is simple. Go into each room of your house and think about what you use on a daily basis from that room. This will ensure that you will not miss any common items such as a toothbrush.

Visualize a wardrobe for every family member taking into consideration the climate of your vacation destination. Even if you travel to a warm destination always bring at least one warm outfit and a light jacket in case the temperature drops unexpectedly.

The day before you leave, drop the pets off at their respective places for boarding. Make sure all the bags are packed and you have all necessary paperwork readily accessible. Before you leave, put plants in bathtub with one inch standing water and make sure all appliances are turned off.

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