Traveling With A Baby: Items You Need To Have On Hand

What sorts of things do you need to always have on hand when traveling with your baby?

When it is just you and your spouse or partner and you want to pick up and go for a quick run to the supermarket or for a short weekend trip, you could pack within minutes with a small overnight bag and some simple toiletries. However, once you throw a baby in the mix, packing and traveling become quite a different story. No longer do you just get up and go even for routine trips. In essence, every single trip you make with your baby is an adventure in and of itself. You must pack all essentials as well as many other incidentals. If you are planning on traveling with your baby soon, here are the items you will need to have on hand.

* The most important item you will need is the rear-facing infant car seat. Make sure the car seat is locked in place tightly and that the baby is securely placed in the seat. At no time when the car is moving should you take your baby out of her car seat. If she needs to be burped, cuddled or changed, stop at a rest stop or pull over in a convenient location.

* If you are breastfeeding, then, of course, you will need to travel with baby at all times, unless you have pumped extra milk and properly stored it. However, if you are using formula, you will need a container of formula, distilled water and several bottles and nipples. You may want to have at least one bottle of formula ready when you depart in case you need one at a moment's notice. In addition, if you will be staying overnight somewhere, you may want to take your baby bottle cleaner so you can clean and sanitize your bottles for use again on the trip back home.

* Anything associated with changing the baby's diaper needs to be brought along, as well. This includes the diaper bag, extra diapers, baby wipes, baby powder and diaper rash cream. You may also want to bring along a changing pad in case you will need to change her in a public restroom or on a bed.

* You will need both bibs and burp cloths for feeding and burping your baby.

* Accidents happen, so you will want to bring along an extra set of clothes and a couple of onesies for your baby, in case she needs to be changed. Include extra socks and a jacket and hat, in case it gets chilly.

* If your baby is currently on any kind of medication, bring this along, as well. Also bring your pediatrician's number and your baby's insurance card, should she need medical treatment of any kind.

* Be sure to bring along a blanket in case it gets cold or to cover baby when she sleeps.

* If you plan on walking around much when you reach your final destination, you will want to bring along your baby's stroller or a baby backpack which you can put her in.

* You may be planning an overnight stay somewhere. If cribs will not be provided, you may want to bring along a travel crib .

* In order for your baby to stay entertained, bring along a pacifier (if she enjoys these) and a favorite doll or toy for her to play with.

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