Treatment For Scrapes And Bruises

How you can use everyday items in your home to treat those scrapes, cuts, and bruises

If you or a family get a cut or bruise you don't have spend a lot of money buying medication to treat them. You can use items already in your home to treat them. We all get scrapes, cuts, and bruises here are some tips on how to treat them.

For minor scrapes and cuts all you need is soap and water. Clean the area and keep it clean. The cut will heal itself. You just have to keep the bacteria away.

If the cut is deep, clean the area. Then put garlic on it. Garlic contains an antibiotic, which will continue to kill bacteria and prevent infection.

Hydrogen Peroxide is also a good remedy for killing bacteria on a scrape or cut.

For bruises, to reduce swelling and place ice over the area. There is also evidence that a bioflavanoid supplement may reduce swelling. This is normally found in the skins of citrus fruit. It serves as a helper for Vitamin C.

Alternate hot and cold compresses. This also has been rumored to relieve bruising.

If you have any cream or lotion that contains Vitamin K, this can treat your bruises. Vitamin K will penetrate the skin encouraging the blood to be reabsorbed.

If you have a wound that is deep, you may have to consult your physician. You may require stitches. A temporary remedy to this is to apply super glue to the wound. Consult your physician first. Especially if the wound oozes or refuses to stop bleeding. In addition, if a scar fails to appear it is important that you get help.

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